Ch. 9 A mother knows something that a father does not know

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Severus looks at Azalea and smiles at her. He pulls out a small brown bag from his robes and buys Azalea's wand for her. He tells Azalea to say goodbye to Ollivander and that they are going to Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions.

" Goodbye, Ollivander. Have a nice day," Azalea waves goodbye to Ollivander and smiles at him. 

Ollivander smiles at Azalea and waves goodbye to her. 

" You too," Ollivander nods his head.

Azalea walks out of the wand's shop with Severus following behind her. She lightly takes Severus' right hand with her left hand as they walk towards Madam Malkin. 

A few minutes later. 

Azalea and Severus arrived at Madam Malkin. Severus opens the door and lets Azalea get inside. Azalea enters the store and looks at her surroundings. She noticed an elderly woman attending to a young boy with short sleek white-blonde hair and gray eyes.

Severus enters the shop and stands behind Azalea. He turned his head slightly to the right and noticed his childhood friends, Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy.

Narcissa waits for her son to be finished getting fitted. She turns her head to the left and smiles when she sees her dear friend, Severus Snape. She blinks when she sees a beautiful young girl with long wavy red hair and bright green eyes.

" Severus," Narcissa speaks up which caused her husband, Lucius Malfoy to turn his head to the left to look at Severus. " So good to see you," She smiles at him.

" Hello, Narcissa," Severus gently placed his hands on Azalea's shoulders. " And, hello, Lucius," He nods his head at Lucius. 

Lucius nods his head when he sees Azalea standing in front of Severus. 

" Is she?" Lucius curiously stares at Azalea. 

Azalea curiously stares at Lucius. 

Severus looks at Lucius with a protective stern stare.

" Lucius. Narcissa. I would like for you to meet Azalea Lily Potter," Severus introduced Azalea to the Lord and Lady Malfoy. " Azalea. I would like for you to meet my friends, Lucius and his wife Narcissa," He introduced the Malfoy couple to Azalea. 

Azalea looks at Lucius and Narcissa with a friendly expression.

" Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy," Azalea politely greets them. " My name is Azalea Potter, and I am getting my Hogwarts school supplies," She tells them. 

Lucius is impressed with Azalea's etiquette. 

Narcissa smiles at Azalea.

" Hello, dear. Are you excited to attend Hogwarts?" Narcissa asked Azalea. " My son is also going to attend Hogwarts," She tells him. 

" Son?" Azalea blinks.

Narcissa nods her head as she turns to look at the young boy with short, sleek white-blonde hair and grey eyes. 

" Yes. His name is Draco Lucius Malfoy," Narcissa tells her. " I know he will be happy to have a friend in Hogwarts. Would you like to be his friend?" She politely asked her.

Azalea smiles.

" I would love to be his friend!" Azalea tells her.

Narcissa smiles. 

A female employee walks up to Severus, the Malfoy couple, and Azalea. She politely tells Azalea that she can get her fitted for her school uniform and robes. 

Azalea nods her head as she follows the woman to a stool which is close to Draco. She got on the stool and held her arms out.

Draco turned his head slightly to the left. He curiously stares at Azalea who is standing close to him. 

Azalea felt someone staring at her. She turned her head to the right and smiles when she sees Draco looking at her.

Draco blinks.

Draco noticed that Azalea has long wavy red hair that reminded him of a waterfall of fire and that her big bright green eyes reminded him of emeralds. 

[ Hime_chan10: Imagine that is how 11-year-old Azalea Potter looks like

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[ Hime_chan10: Imagine that is how 11-year-old Azalea Potter looks like.]

" Hello!" Azalea smiles at Draco. 

" My name is Azalea Potter," Azalea introduced herself to Draco. 

Draco wore a dumbfounded expression.

" What's your name?" Azalea asked him.

Azalea already knows Draco's name, but she wanted Draco to tell her himself.

Draco blinks.

" My name?" Draco asked her. " My name is umm," He didn't know why but for some reason he forgot his name. 

While the children converse with each other, Severus and Lucius discuss important matters. Narcissa, on the other hand, watched the children with a loving expression. She noticed her only son getting shy which she finds interesting because she has never seen her son act that way before. 

Azalea continues to stare at Draco.

" Ah! My name is Lucius Draco Malfoy" Draco said his first and second name backward. 

Azalea giggles which caused Draco to glare at her.

" What's so funny?" Draco asked her.

" I thought your name was Draco Lucius Malfoy," Azalea looks at him. 

Draco wore an embarrassed expression when he figured out that he messed up on his own name. 

" It was an accident. You better not tell anyone," Draco looks away from Azalea. 

Azalea giggles.

" I won't," Azalea smiles at him. 

" I don't do that to my friends," Azalea tells him.

" Friends?" Draco sounds surprised as he turns his head back to look at Azalea.

Azalea nods her head.

" Yeah! I want you as my friend. Your mother said that you would be attending Hogwarts. I am also attending Hogwarts," Azalea held her right hand out to Draco.

Draco curiously stares at Azalea's right hand. He looks up at her and smiles as he takes her right hand with his left hand and lightly shakes it.

Severus and Lucius finished talking. Both men turned their heads to look at the children and noticed that they are shaking their hands. 

" What is going on?" Severus asked. 

Narcissa smiles at the children.

" It seems as though my son has found his forever best friend" Narcissa happily tells her husband and Severus.

" What do you mean?" Lucius asked his wife.

" A mother knows something that a father does not know" Narcissa winks. " Severus. I hope you don't mind Azalea accompanying us to finish getting Draco and her school supplies. You are welcome to come," She tells him. 

Severus looks at the children and nods his head.

Severus is happy that his Godson befriended Azalea. He wants to speak to Draco privately, so the boy can help him watch over Azalea during her time at Hogwarts.  

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