"I think we're going to just have to do room service or have food delieverd, someone fell asleep."

"That's fine." Sadie says smiling. "I'll grab the girls."

Antonio stood up and adjusted Harlow in his arms so that he could carry her, Sadie went to grab the girls, while she was walking, the young blonde whistled at her, asking for her to come over by him.

"What can I help you with?" She stopped and asked him.

"How about your phone number?" He grinned trying to give her a sexy smile, while he handed over his cell phone for her to enter her number into his phone.

"No thanks." She says, as she eyed Antonio who was watching her. "On second thought hand me your phone."

"Yes, I'll be glad to." He handed her his phone quickly, and looked to the side of him, his friend had been sitting next to him, and was laughing at him "I told you that I'd finally get her number." He says, as he shoved him playfully.

She handed him his phone back, he took a glance at his phone "Sadie... I like that name, sounds like someone who is a temptress." He grinned, while he looked up and down her body.

"You're saying my name sounds like a temptress?" She laughed at him and turned to wave at the girls, waving for them to come to her. She could see Antonio was starting to get agitated, and figured that she better hurry.

"All I'm saying is your name sounds tempting and you're hot as fuck, you look like you would be wild in bed." Sadie smiled at him thinking what an ass but didn't say anything.

She let out a fake laugh and then saw Antonio walking over to them, the girls finally came over to her and grabbed her hand.

"I have to go."

"Is there a problem over here?" Antonio snapped, looking at the man with an evil glare.

"No, we were just talking, chill man." The blonde man says to Antonio with wide eyes.

"Are you ready?" Antonio says irritated, looking at Sadie while Harlow was still in his arms.

Sadie took the hands of Gabriella and Isabella and began walking, walking back up to their suite. Antonio laid Harlow down on the bed and then called for food to be delivered.

When the food arrived Antonio went over to Harlow to wake her up, she wasn't having it. "I'm not hungry, please just let me sleep." Harlow says tiredly.

Antonio didn't like that she wouldn't eat and was getting frustrated with her. "If you don't eat I'm calling for someone to have tubes put in you, do you really want that?"

Sadie heard the way he was speaking to Harlow and didn't like his tone, she walked over to him and snapped at him. "Antonio! Was that really necessary?"

"She needs to eat, she hasn't eaten in days." He says worried, he ran his hands through his hair, and pulled up on his hair out of frustration. "Harlow the girls birthday is tomorrow and we have that party planned out for them, do you really want to miss that?"

"Of course not, I just have no appetite and can barely keep my eyes open." Harlow says exhausted.

Antonio threw his arms up in the air and walked away "I give up, I don't know what else to do." Sadie walked back over to the table and got the girls some food.

"Come eat, I'm sure she will eat if she becomes hungry." Sadie says to him encouragingly.

Antonio sat at the table, he had no appetite anymore and was forcing himself to eat. He kept looking over at Harlow as he picked at his food, he could feel in his heart that the time with her was going to be shorter than what they were told.

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