11- Time is near

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Antonio was shocked but happy to see Harlow made it down to the pool by herself. He got out of the pool grabbing a towel and dried himself off as he walked towards her. When he got to her he leaned down pressing his lips to hers.

"You made it down." He says happy with a smile, standing back up.

"I'm not dead yet." She snapped as she looked up at him.

He stepped back in shock, not expecting that kind of reaction out of her.

"What's that suppose to mean?" He asked confused.

"I'm just saying that I'm not dead yet, so don't treat me like I am." She says turning her head, looking over at her girls.

"Would you like to go in the pool?" He asked, thinking that she might enjoy being in the water. It's been a while since she was in a pool and knew how much she enjoyed it. She hadn't even tried going in the pool at home, and figured he would try getting her into the pool at the hotel.

"No, I'll just sit here and watch." She says, as she watched the girls splash Sadie.

Antonio pulled up a chair, setting it next to Harlow and sat down. He looked over at her and reached for her hand. She looked down at his hand and debated on letting him hold her hand. She then placed her hand in his, he brought her hand up to his lips, softly kissing her fingers and the top of her hand. Wanting to get a smile out of her.

Harlow looked over at Antonio, she could feel in her heart that she will be gone soon, and it was breaking her heart. She hated feeling the way that she did, and didn't want to fight with him. She stood up and moved over to Antonio, sitting on his lap and wrapped her arms around him. She then rested her head in the crook of his neck. "I'm sorry, it's just that I hate this, I hate feeling this way and I just hate knowing what I know."

He began rubbing her back, and leaned his head against hers "I know hun, I know... this hasn't been fun for me either."

Gabriella noticed her mom and climbed out of the pool, Isabella followed behind and they both walked over to their mom. Sadie figured that she could have a little break, after seeing that Harlow was down by the pool. She got out of the pool and walked over to the bar, ordering a beer.

Gabriella walked over and stood by her mom, tugging on her shirt "Can we go see Elsa and Anna now?"

Antonio looked over Harlow's shoulder, to look at Gabriella "We will go there tomorrow, it's getting late."

"OK." She pouted.

Sadie walked over to her chair and sat down, setting her beer down and grabbed her suntan lotion, rubbing it all over herself. A tall young man with blonde hair, built nicely and had six pack, walked by and whistled over at Sadie, blowing air kisses towards her.

Antonio happened to see the whole thing and his blood started to boil, his face got red and was about to get up to say something to him, but then realized Harlow was on his lap and he let it go. He watched the man and noticed how he kept staring over at Sadie. He would smile and wink at her, and pucker his lips up to her. Antonio wasn't sure why, but he wasn't liking it one bit.

Antonio looked back over to Sadie, she was just laying there in the chair, her eyes were closed, tanning in the sun and had no clue that the blonde guy had been hitting on her "What do you say we round up the kids and get some dinner?" He asked Harlow, not getting a response from her, he figured that she might not have heard him.

Sadie sat up, drinking the rest of her beer "Sounds good to me, I'm a little hungry myself."

Antonio felt Harlow was beginning to get heavy while sitting on his lap, he could feel her breathing heavily on his neck, and pulled back enough to see her and noticed that she had fallen asleep.

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