Yes, I'm different, but he loves me [Chapter Eight]

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<P>Ariane's P.O.V</P>

<P>I decided to go and get my new tattoo today, and as I made my way to the tattoo parlor, I thought of what to do this weekend. I felt Stephen gently sqeeze my hand, catching my attention, making my gaze fall on him. He looked at me, with that light sparkle in his ice blue eyes, " So I was wondering if you wanted to stay at my house for a couple weeks A, my parents are out of town, you know it would do us some good to have the house to ourselves, and plus, I'm sure that creep doesn't know where I live, it'll get your mind off of things. " I smiled, and nodded my head silently and continued to stare out of the window, thinking of what tattoo I was going to get. The sound of Stephen's phone ringing brought me back to reality, he answered it and I looked at him to see a huge grin from ear to ear. "What's up?" I asked, slightly eager to hear was was going on. Hopefully it was a party. " Party at the Jenson's house." I smiled hugely, knowing that tonight was for sure going to be a good night. We pulled up to the parlor and I could see Tylee prancing around in front of the window. Me and Stephen remained in the vehicle, just watching the little girl, who right now has no worries in the world. The biggest problem in her life would to catch "cooties" from boys. I smiled at that thought, and Stephen's voice broke the silence. " Good thing she doesn't really know about your parents, I think she would be devstated." My smile faded, and in place was a frown, how could my parents do this to us. " If they ever come here, I am going to protect her from them, they don't deserve to meet who she has become. She is way too good for them. " Stephen placed his hand on mine, and gently started rubbing my thumb. I looked up at Stephen, who was now watching me with a worried expression, " You know, she really likes you right ?" I told him, he smiled and kissed my cheek lightly, " You know she idolizes you right?" He replied, and I could feel my face burning with a blush. At this time, Stephen moved in closer to me, and we started sharing a deep, romantic kiss. Tylee of course had to notice now, that we were outside, and a small tap on the window brought us out of our little moment, and back to reality. I turned and smile and the little girl I was blessed to have standing infront of me right now. When I got out of the car, I grabbed her and picked her up, walking into the parlor with Stephen hot on our heels.</P>

<P>Stephen's P.O.V</P>

<P>Ariane had decided to get a humming going up her right leg. In the tail of the bird, she got all of our names in it. Rory's, Tylee's and mine. Of course, I had a problem with her getting my name tattooed on her, but Ariane being the stubborn girl she was, decided to get it permanatly tattooed on her. I love her, and I am happy with her decision of the tattoo, but what happens if she leaves me, or I screw up ? She is going to regret getting that done, I sighed. If I mess up, I am going to be a wreck, I am not used to this kind of relationship, I am, well was a player, and I am used to the fuck and chuck kind of thing. Ariane stood up and helped her boss wrap her leg, and I couldn't help but stare at the amazing body of my new girlfriend. Tylee jumping on me brought me out of my day dream. "Ariane, can I PLEASE, stay at Jayson's house tonight ! Pleeasse !" Tylee whined, and I could feel the smile creep onto my face. Ariane glanced over at Tysone and his wife, and he nodded his head. She then decided to tell him that she was staying with me for two weeks, and if it was okay for Ty to stay with them. They nodded, but not without giving A a worried expression, they knew something was wrong. She told them she would explain once she gets things figured out, and we headed out of the door, towards my car. Everything after this went by in a blur, I guess I had forgotten my cell phone on the chair in the tattoo parlor. I noticed a guy in a black truck, with tinted windows watching us, and was about to comment on it, when Tylee came running out to give me my phone. I had no idea what happened next, I heard tires squeal, a loud thud and the scream of Ariane. I looked to see her hovering over a small girls body, I ran up to her, and saw Tylee laying on the ground, barley breathing, with blood trickling from her head. I looked up at the truck, not even a license plate of anything. Dammit . This creep was serious about hurting everyone Ariane loves. I hadn't noticed right away that Ariane was bleed as well. Did she get hit too ?!</P>

<P>Unknown P.O.V</P>

<P>I saw them walking out of the parlor, my plan from the beginning was just to watch them, and find out where Stephen lived. But then I saw the little girl running behind Ariane, and decided it was time to make them know, I was serious. I slammed on the gas pedal and went speeding towards that little girl, I wasn't expecting Ariane to stop and head towards Tylee. I hit Tylee and clipped Ariane, when I turned around, I saw blood and I was satisfied. Ariane looked okay, but Tylee was sure as shit dead. She had to of been. When I glanced back in the rear view mirror, I saw Stephen run up to the girls, and look up at me. Ha, it's about time I start getting taken seriously. Next is Rory.</P>

<P>Rory's P.O.V</P>

<P>I was driving to the parlor when the ambulance and police vehicles sped past me, heading right into the parking lot of the parlor. I saw Stephen walking with a stretcher that had a body on it, and another stretcher was being put into an ambulance beside it, and there lay my two little sisters. I ran out of the vehicle, trying to get to Ariane and Tylee, they wouldn't let me. Finally after screaming who I was, I was put into an ambulance with Tylee, and Stephen was with Ariane. Jayson closed down the shop, and they were soon on our heels.I looked at my little sister, barley breathing, and I could feel the tears trickling out of my eyes. Who ever did this, was a dead man.</P>

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