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This is part of the Luna Chronicles series - this is a stand alone novel.

The other books in the series are; The Young Luna + The Replacement Luna.


Alpha Seth Zev – the brand new Alpha of the Black Bloods Pack. His name that of the stories whispered in Packs; the strongest, the fiercest, the cruellest, the one with a child mate. Lots of stories, some of them doing him justice and some of them not. Yes, he was strong. Yes, he was fiercest. Yes, he could be cruel. And, yes, his mate was fourteen years younger than him. But, none of those stories brought Seth Zev to life.

That was Devon's first thought when he met his new Alpha. He was everything the stories said...and nothing the stories said at the same time. An enigma or confusion of things; the Alpha, the dictator and a child's mate all in one. But, yet more and more.

As soon as he'd taken over the Black Bloods Pack, both Devon and Ramone had decided that they were going to show him that they were strong and trustworthy. And then they got their break – because Alpha Zev wanted a Commander.

He was busy running two Packs, so when he was with the Equinox Pack he would have a Commander who would be in charge, and keep the Pack running, when he wasn't around. He stated that he would have a tournament and the strongest Wolf – who beat all other competitors – would become the Commander.

Eagerly, the brothers sighed up.

Devon was twenty minutes older than Ramone, and he always joked that those were the loneliest minutes of his life. The twins were inseparable, they had been their entire lives. They were the ideal of twins; knowing what the other was thinking, mirroring each other and doing everything together. Same position on the Football team in Highschool, same major in college and same taste in girls...although not the same girl. If they ever like the same girl – which happened a lot – neither of them went for it, because they refused to let a girl come between them.

On the day of the tournament, Devon was up first. He beat every competitor he was put again. Ramone was the same, beating each person until finally it was just the two of them left.

"You and me, brother" Devon smiled, as the two faced each other.

Ramon grinned, "just as it was always supposed to be".

Alpha Seth Zev, and his young Luna Mabel, were sat on the side of the clearing – the rest of the Pack were all standing around in a rough circular shape. They watched as the identical brothers walked into the centre of the clearing and faced each other.

"It seems a bit harsh to put them against each other" Mabel, the young Luna, commented to her mate. Alpha Zev glanced over to her sarcastically.

"It's not a fight to the death, just to yield" Alpha Zev muttered back.

"Yeah, but they're brothers".

Alpha Zev gave his mate a long look, "you once shot your brother with an arrow".

"That was different, my brother's a dick" Mabel shot back. Alpha Zev rolled his eyes at her, supressing a smile, before turning his attention back to the brothers.

"You will fight until one of you yields or is knocked unconscious" he announced, as the brothers looked over at each other. "If I think the fight is unfair or there is a clear winner, I will call and end to the fight. The winner will be announced as the Commander of the Black Bloods Pack".

And, so, the fight began.

Alpha Zev and his Luna watched quietly. Both were openly impressed with Devon and Ramone. It was like they could read each others mind – the moment one would strike, the other would anticipate the move and block. The moment one would advance, the other would deflect. Just like always, the brothers were so equally matched that the second one pulled ahead, the other stepped up their game and they were even again.

"They're so good" Mabel whispered to her mate. Alpha Zev didn't comment but his assessing look was obvious.

The fight went on...and on...and on.

"Seth, you gotta call this. It's been going on for almost an hour, this is ridiculous" Mabel hissed to her mate. Alpha Zev glanced down at his golden rolex, glistening in the sunlight, and narrowed his eyes at the fighting brothers. "Seth! Call it!" Mabel hissed at him.

Finally, the Alpha stood up and addressed the brothers. "Stop. This fight has ended" he announced. Devon and Ramone stumbled away from each other – sweat dripping down their black skin as they both breathed heavily. Devon was bleeding from a headwound and Ramone was struggling putting weight on his left leg, but apart from that they were completely unharmed.

Everyone was silently watching Alpha Zev as he watched the two men – leaning on each other as they caught their breaths. No one knew what was going to happen. There was no obvious winner and it was obvious that there probably never would be one.

"Devon and Ramone Wilson" Alpha Zev's voice boomed around the clearing. "I announce you both as the joint Commanders of the Black Bloods Pack".

A roar sounded from the crowd as Devon and Ramone grinned at each other. They quickly hugged, slapping each other's back, as they laughed. "You're lucky, D, I was about to unlease a serious whoop-ass on you" Ramone breathed out.

Devon laughed, "nah your sorry ass was about to yield".

Ramone grinned at his brother, "I'll guess we'll never know the true winner brother".

"Iguess not". The brothers shared a smile as the crowd cheered their newCommanders.

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