Chapter One

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Chapter One 

Alpha Quinn Danvers

I glanced out the windows and into the centre of the Pack village. It was a warm day and I watched as my pack members went about their lives. I had the beginning of a headache and I needed a break from the paperwork for a little while.

I paused when I saw a flash of bright red hair. I knew instantly it was Ruth 'Eden' Glass – the newest member of my Pack. She was walking through the pack village, in the direction of her small cottage. She was wearing workout clothes and her flaming red curls were held up in a high pony tail. A 'cheerleading' ponytail I guessed. I smirked as I watched her fuss over the numerous bags she was carrying, looking flustered.

She introduced herself as Eden, but I thought she looked more like a Ruth. To me, she was Ruth. The name suited her more. Ruth was beautiful – I'd have to be blind not to notice that. Her figure was petite and muscled, with flawless porcelain skin which contrasted her standout fiery hair.

A knock came on my office door as I was watching Ruth. "Come in" I called, staying in the same position. I was smirking to myself as I watched Ruth get caught by Doris – one of the eldest Pack members – who began to chat to her. I could see she wanted to escape, no doubt she had some kind of cheerleading practice to get to, but there was no escaping Doris once she caught you at a vulnerable moment. That women could talk for hours.

"Hey, boss, ya creeping on the pack again?" my Beta called out to me. I laughed at Ken as he walked into my office. He moved over to the window next to me and followed my line of sight. "Ah, so it's only Eden you're creeping on?" he teased. I stopped myself from correcting him about her name, remembering only I thought of her as Ruth.

"I was just taking a break and she happened to be in my sight line" I explained nonchalant.

"Sure" Ken snorted, "and you just happened to refuse all transfers into the Pack for the last three years but then suddenly let her in. It's got nothing to do with the fact that she's single, beautiful and completely your type?"

"Stop playing matchmaker" I stated, giving him a stern look.

"I'm not playing anything. Just saying what I've noticed. It's been ten years since your mate died, Quinn, maybe it's time to settle down. The Pack is--"

"I know how the Pack feels" I cut him off, strengthening my look. Ken held his hands up in surrender and laughed.

"Alright, alright, I get it. You're not staring at Eden and you're not interested at all".

"I wouldn't say at all" I grumbled and he smirked. "But, I'd never go there" I carried on quickly, before he could tease me anymore. "She's got mate problems, the dramatic kind. That ain't the kind of shit you get involved in. Mates are mates".

"And she divorced her mate and left her pack because of him" he countered.

"And she can't even say his name. I don't know what went down, that's her own business, but you don't fuck with mates. It's not how it works" I told him firmly. "Plus, I'm not really interested".

"Uh-huh" he smirked, before we turned away from the window. He dropped a brown file onto my desk. "These arrived earlier".

"What are they?" I asked, sitting back at my desk and opening the file up.

"Documents from the Equinox Pack. Alpha Zev has been speaking to a few other Alphas about Tristian Masters. They don't think he's fit to run his Pack anymore, so they want to overthrow him. But, it's not easy as officially none of his pack members have made any formal complaints about his treatment of them".

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