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Being 'cold' and or 'heartless' is often a defense mechanism to avoid getting hurt.

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"Listen, just because ... that ... happened last night doesn't mean we're friends now, a'righ'? And I don't expect you to go blabbing, yeah?"

A blush crept across the blond's cheeks, eye contact suddenly becoming an unattainable dream. The tight space between them, as a result of Xander standing so closely to him, only weakened his supposed resolve even further. "I-I ..." he paused. "I w-won't..."

Xander felt his face twitch. That was because his annoyance was hitting a peak at the sophomore's blatant evasion of eye-contact.

At that point in time, they stood in the bathroom, mere inches away from each other so that Xander could drop his voice to a whisper. He probably didn't want anyone hearing what they were talking about, as his blue eyes were constantly flitting to the door, and he was biting his lip in frustration — a gesture he seemed to do frequently. Sage's fingers dwindled before him, until he finally nodded to show his understanding, still not looking up.

The memory of Xander's hands moving across his skin, touching his sensitive nipples, made him feel ineffably embarrassed. Besides, he'd not even spoke a word to the senior. Sage had unknowingly entered the bathroom to find Xander splashing water onto his face, simultaneously rubbing his eyes and scowling at his own reflection. Hair tousled, clothes all crimpled, Xander didn't look much better than the last time Sage had saw him. The only difference was that the darkness looming under his eyelids had subsided, albeit barely noticeable.

Frequently, Sage himself staring at how loosely Xander's pants clung to his waist and lean legs. It was undeniably attractive and stare-worthy, but to minimalize the chances of getting himself in an altercation, Sage lifted his eyes to Xander's top, which was his football blazer, marked 'Terrors, Love' at the back.

In the end, to play it safe, Sage redirected his gaze to his own twitching hands.

"I'm sorry." He said for no particular reason, just as Xander he stepped away. Even though he did, and the chance to make his retreat was upon him, Sage didn't see him move. And he could feel his eyes on him, focusing, studying his every move, for some reason. Xander was one of those individuals that you didn't need to look at them to be aware that they were looking at you. He just had that intense gaze, with the ability to drill holes into the person he looked at.

After his breakdown, ending up on his bed, Sage had promptly took his leave when the time was right, although he didn't want to leave that soon. Prior to leaving, he'd sat, sheepishly passing his eyes over Xander's face and overall frame for a while, wondering if he was okay, and what his shift in behaviour was about. The Xander he came to know was stoic and shrouded, not giving anything away, besides the time he was under the influence of marijuana.

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