Two hundred years.

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Two hundred years I watched wars, violence, and hatred. It's what humans deem necessary for progression. They discriminate based on color, race, religion, sexuality really anything that is different. They have their wars. They've killed many just to avoid evolution.

Our existence has been kept a secret for thousands of years. We strive in every area of society; government leaders, FBI, community leaders, musicians, actors, actresses and athletes. We are the people you are drawn to; the ones you can't take your eyes off of. It's part of who we are. It's what attracts you to us. It's our looks, our voice, and our body language that draws you close.

For years I've led my area. It's been over eighty years since my father stepped down. We have been able to bring some peace to our designated kingdom. While the human government is still struggling with some areas of progression we seem to be nearly suited in our reformed equality. So long as you follow the rules.

While being Queen is a blessing and a curse. My duty to my people comes first. I find my nights filled with disciplining those who find themselves unable to follow our simple laws.

1. Never willingly let a human know of our existence.

2. Remain loyal to our race.

3. Mating with a human is prohibited.

4. Killing enough to become conspicuous is prohibited.

Four very simple rules. That no one can seem to fucking follow. My anger is spilling through my head. This next case hits extremely close to my heart. I heard of his relationship with the human long ago. I cast them aside as rumors secretly knowing they held some truth. He loved her but he knew better than to be so reckless.

"Shall we begin?" The room is completely quiet as I speak. "Where is the child?"

I looked around the room directing the question to my guards.

A solider stepped forward. "My Queen the residents was empty with the exception of the accused. The area has been searched..."

I held up my hand signaling him to stop speaking.

"I see. Marcus, where is the girl, tell me now so we can be done with this. At this point my kindness is wearing thin."

Marcus is staring at the floor. His fist are clenched tightly from silver chains holding his hands behind his back.

"They're gone Kaitlyn." Finally he speaks.

"They're?" My eyes have turned red at this point. I can feel them burning with anger.

"Obviously you don't understand Marcus. The human means nothing. Where is the fucking child? And I am your fucking Queen you will address me as so!"

The room is silent. All of which aware of the fact that I have known Marcus for my entire existence and before this he was my closest friend. All of this changed the moment he broke our unspoken fifth rule. He fell in love with a human. A human that bared his child. Rule number three had been broken as well and its punishment was death.

"I will not allow you to harm my child." Marcus looked into my eyes as he spoke. I could hear fear mixed with anger as his voice cracked.

"I know what I have done. You speak of progression but you sit there doing nothing! She is my Mate and my child will live as half Vampire as many have before! Our king, your Father, would have allowed her to live!"

The mention of my father made my anger spike. I wanted my legacy to be that of progression and peace. I wanted us to thrive knowing we are more evolved than our human counterparts. I couldn't make this decision without the council involvement. So I made the decision based on what we did in the past.

My father was cruel and feared in many ways but he did allow the Hybrids to live. Through the years I've found out that it was for his own gain. There were conditions though. People who brought on they're existence were executed.

They're weren't many hybrids left because our kind hunted them and enslaved them for their blood. Their blood made us stronger in every aspect of the word, and it tasted unlike anything else. They also had the ability to heal quickly like vampires which provided our kind with an endless supply of the intoxicating blood of captured. So long as they agree. Vampires cannot drink the blood from a Hybrid without consent. Their vampire blood prevents it. Some hybrids are considerably stronger than others they were sought after and tortured until their consent was given. It was the one part of our history that I wanted past to keep in our past.

"Leave us." When I spoke the room cleared quickly and efficiently.

I sat while they left replaying the last hundred years of my life. Marcus has saved my life many times as others attempted to overthrow my title each fueled with the blood of the enslaved Hybrids. Each and every time they attempted and failed. I stood up looking at my dearest friend, knowing that I couldn't save him after he broke our law.

To anyone else, my exterior looks cold but Marcus he can see my internal struggle.

"Kaitlyn, I know what I've done. You know how the bond works. I cannot mate with a human. Yet I did. She was more than human and you know it. I know what will happen to me. I love you like a sister please do not harm my daughter. But you must know. She is more vampire than human."

"Marcus, I do not know how this happened. What you're saying is not possible. But know this, I will not seek out your child once you've paid for your crimes. One loss of life is enough."

Marcus's eyes fight back tears as he struggles to keep his composure.

Hearing him sob nearly causes me to release him.

But I am the Queen.

"My Queen, my friend. I hope one day you find your mate, I hope you find a love worth protecting. Worth dying for."

When he finished speaking I hugged him. Not wanted to let go I stepped away looking down at my broken friend. My heart told me no. It was my duty to enforce the rules.

It's day like today I wish I wasn't born into this family. Days like today I wish I was not the Queen.

I pushed the silver knife into his heart with one quest thrust.

He cried out in pain.

"May we meet again friend." I spoke as I felt my heart breaking.

Closing my eyes, I took a few seconds to compose myself trying to forgive myself for what I have just done.

As a Queen I had just done my job. As a friend I have failed him.

With that I left the room. As I swung open the doors and nodded to the guards. They quickly passed me to dispose of what was left of my closest friend.

Two hundred years I've lived among vampires and humans. Two hundred years I've only known how to love my kind. My duty to my people comes first. I felt my heart sink as I come to the realization that I just killed one of the only friends I had. I took notice at the television playing the local news as I entered my office. Friday May third 1995. I knew then that if another two hundred years passed in my life time I would never forget this day.

I took out a pen and wrote a quick note.

'Where ever you are. Know that he loved you. Know that I will not seek you to cause harm. Know that they can only claim you if you allow them too.'

I placed the short letter into an envelope and addressed it to Marcus's childhood address hoping that his family would direct it to his daughter. It was a long shot and a risk I wanted to take. Even after his death I felt the need to show him my gratitude for all those years of friendship and service.

"May we meet again." I sighed.

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