When a ghost got two bad pictures and a passible one

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"Maybe this wasn't the best idea. Sorry, Rags. Art was never my strong point," Archer said, putting forward a stick figure drawing of her. She had two blue dots for eyes and two brown lines for her shoulder-length hair with three short lines for bangs.

"Just wait until you see mine, Rags. Art is the only thing I'm good at," Cooper confidently admitted, adding the finishing touches to his portrait.

Rags had high expectations for this one, knowing Cooper's impressive background with sculpting. But this only fueled her confusion and slight disappointment when she saw his version of her. "Uh, Coops? Why is my nose on my forehead? And are my lips really that thick?"

"No, it's abstract art! It's supposed to look like this."

Skyler sighed. "The whole point of this, Coops, was to give Rags a realistic image of herself."

"Realistic? Well, why didn't you specify? All you said was to draw Rags the way I saw her."

"So, do I appear this ugly to you?" Rags asked, staring at the jumbled-up mess of a face Cooper had created.

"No, I think you're beautiful, Rags. Like, don't you see the grace I put into these curved lines and shapes? And the chaos of your facial features is supposed to symbolize all the chaotic emotions you go through living as a ghost. It's art."

"Uh, yeah, really deep stuff. But I kind of just want to know what I look like."

"Alright, here's mine," Skyler said, putting out his piece of sketch paper. "It's not that great, but it should be more helpful than these two idiots' attempts."

"Hey!" Archer and Cooper called out together. Then, Archer added, "I am not an idiot, just artistically challenged."

Cooper nodded. "Yeah, Arch is not an idiot. Drawing skills and intelligence have nothing in common. Like, look at me. I may be able to recreate Picasso's paintings, but I failed math all throughout high school."

"Coops, that's not the way to make a fair point..."

"Hm, does that mean I technically made a fail point? Get it? Because I said—"

"Shut up, Coops," Archer and Skyler said before Cooper could explain yet another bad pun. 

Meanwhile, Rags looked at Skyler's picture for quite some time in silence. Sure, it was nothing close to perfect, but at least the proportions and placement of her eyes, nose, and mouth were correct. "So, this is who I am..."

As grateful as she was for Skyler putting in the effort to draw this for her, she couldn't bring herself to smile. Actually, she was feeling a lot more depressed now more than anything. She had come to realize that this wasn't simply her face. It was the face of someone who was no longer in this world.


For our final character profile, we have our friendly neighborhood ghost girl who does not crawl out of creepy television screens. :)

(Photo Caption: She's there on the cover but no one can see her

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(Photo Caption: She's there on the cover but no one can see her.)

Full name: ??? (Rags)

Birthday: 6/21/1996

Deathday: 4/14/2018

Blood Type: A

Height: 5'7" (170 cm)

Hair/Eye Color: Brown/Blue

Likes: lattes, banana bread (Sorry, Coops), friends, being able to eat and feel things, honesty

Dislikes: nightmares, death, betrayal, sadness

Most Precious Item: memories

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