The four-step-plan

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It's eight AM, I open my eyes and look to the window

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It's eight AM, I open my eyes and look to the window. The sun is shining and the birds are tweeting. I feel calm and motivated to show Ella that I am the one for her. I want to know her.

"Evan! Dude I didn't know you were coming too!" I hear Carter say in a big laugh.

"And you brought  guests too! Wooow." He adds and doesn't sound amused or surprised but tries to make them buy it.

"Yes I told Emily I wanted to come too and she insisted to join."
Evan responds with a hint of shame in his voice but he tries to smile it away.

"Aaaand, Emily brought her guest too I see. Wow, what shall I say? You guys."
Carter asks again.
I can imagine his face right now. Shocked.

Although he's a better actor than me.
But who did Evan bring with him? Emily ?
I can live with her, I don't have to speak to her but her breathing the same air as I do? I'm ok with that.

As I lay there in my bed, trying to figure out who the third person is standing down stairs, Finn and Theo jump on my bed. They look at me with big opened eyes and are some way in a shock. What is going on?

"What is it?" I ask annoyed.

"Psssht!" Both of them put their finger against my mouth to stop me from speaking, then I hear her.

It's Hillary !
Oh nooo!

What is this crazy chick doing here?
Can't she just leave me alone?
I mean, god are you even up there?

"Yeah, hi Carter where is Brandon?"
Hillary asks Carter and looks around the house. She scans every inch and hopes her eyes meet Brandons.

Carter clears his throat and says :
"Eh hi Hillary, I am fine thanks for asking!Nevermind! Brandon is sleeping so you shouldn't.." he doesn't get to finish his sentence.
Hillary looks up the stairs and starts walking towards Brandons room.
As I hear her climbing up the stairs, the boys and me try to hide. Theo hides in the bathroom behind the showercurtain and Finn slips under my bed. Finn an Theo leave me alone in this scary situation.

Wow thank you guys, seriously.

There is no time left to find a good place to hide but I don't want to see her now, so I do what every hero would do in this situation.

I run to my balcony and try to jump to Carters balcony because his room is right beside mine .

As I attempt to jump, my left foot slips of the railing and I fall. I manage to get a grip on the ivy that grew up the wall in front of a ladderconstruction pressed against the wall.

"Braaandon? Brandon baby are you here? Surprise, surprise.
It's your Hillary baby! Brandon please come out, I know you are here." I hear Hillary screaming.

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