12.0 Aiden's Art Of Hiding In The Bathroom

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"Aiden? Aiden, you have to get up."

In response to the familiar voice, I crack open an eye to see her face so close to mine. It takes me a minute to make sense of where I am, but recognizing Scarlett takes no time at all. She's just as beautiful as I remember, and I've been dying to see her face again. The only reason I didn't switch on the lights last night was that I didn't want her to freak out at how desperate I was being.

Now, though, I can't help but smile when I see her gray eyes and blonde hair, her slightly flushed cheeks and the full lips I have been thinking about for so many weeks. I can hardly waste to feel them on my own, to taste her and --

"Aiden, mom's calling me, get up," she snaps, shaking my shoulder gently.

Suddenly wide awake, I shoot up in her bed, taking in her wide eyes and coming to finally hear the knocking on the door of her bedroom. I'm glad I had the sense to lock it last night but I'm sure that won't keep Scarlett's mom out too long.

"What --" I gasp.

"The bathroom," Scarlett breathes.

I jump off the bed, shooting towards the bathroom without a backward glance. I'm already at the door when I realize I left my shoes behind. Glancing over my shoulder, I see Scarlett kicking them under the bed as she waves hastily as me to hide. I do as she instructs, entering the bathroom and hiding behind the door which I softly close.

It sounds odd, hiding in a cramped place that is supposed to stink and feel humid. Scarlett's bathroom alone, however, is bigger than my room back in NYC. White tiles everywhere, from the ceiling to the walls to the spotless floor, the place is like a sanitized haven. My eyes take in the giant bathtub before me, the size of a small jacuzzi, and I glance towards the toilet with the hope of seeing a fluffy toilet seat.

I don't know whether to feel like shit for how poor I am compared to her or just marvel at how rich she is.

The almost inaudible conversation outside dies down and I frown, inching closer to the door. It slowly opens up to reveal the slightly amused face of Scarlett, who smiles when she sees me.

"I'm sorry," she mumbles.

"Shit, your bathroom's huge," I blurt out, chuckling suddenly when she laughs a little.

"My mom and dad have expensive tastes." She waves a hand.

Smiling a little, I take her in. She's dressed in slacks, a gray T-shirt that is only useful in her centrally-heated home and would be nothing in the chill outside, charcoal-black trousers, and her blonde hair tied back into a messy ponytail. She catches me watching and tugs at the rubber band, pulling it off before smoothing back her hair and tying it again as color sneaks up her neck.

"I wish I'd known you were coming," she mumbles, biting her lower lip.

I can't tear my gaze away from it, a thousand sexually-charged comments ringing in my head. I clear my throat and push them back, blinking quickly to distract myself from her long neck and protruding collar bones.

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