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Third Person POV
"Y/N! Oh my God! Taehyung, what happened to her?!" Lisa cried as she approached Taehyung who was sitting outside the emergency ward.

He rescued you quickly and brought you to the hospital, along with Jimin. He got a minor injury in his left arm.

"She got into an accident." Tae said with a straight face. He had an angry look, but his eyes were soft.

"Accident?! With who?" Lisa questioned.


Lisa's ears stiffened.

"Jimin? What?!"


Footsteps approached them as they stayed silent.

"Where is Y/N? How is she?" Jungkook asked as he breathed heavily. Chanyeol was behind him, staring at the drama.

Lisa was still gathering everything. She couldn't believe it was Jimin.

"She had a car accident..... With Jimin. His car was on the opposite side and his brakes kinda failed too. But he is fine. He injured his left arm a little bit." Tae said.

Jungkook and Chanyeol gasped.

"How did you reach at the place and rescue them?" Chanyeol asked. He was disappointed.

"I was driving to Y/N's new house to see how things are and if she needed any help." Tae answered.

Chanyeol closed his eyes and pressed his lips.

"Well I think Jimin should be handed over to the police." He suggested. Taehyung's eyes pierced through him.

He violently stood up and held Chanyeol by his collars.

"Listen you asshole! Don't you dare blame Jimin. Otherwise I will have to do something you can't even imagine!" Taehyung furiously said.

Lisa and Jungkook pulled him off of Chanyeol.

"My Jimin is very naive! He gives in to your bullsh*t! But I won't!" Tae shouted.

The doctor came out of Jimin's room.

"He is fine. But he needs to rest. You can go see him." He said. Tae's face lit up.

He rushed to see his friend.

"Jiminie! Are you okay? Look at you, you got so much hurt." Tae said. A tear left his eye.

"D-Don't worry about me..... How is Y/N?" Jimin asked.

Lisa, Jungkook and Chanyeol surrounded his bed.

"Y/N is still in the emergency ward. She got a lot of hurt." Lisa said.

Jimin started crying. He spotted Chanyeol in the room and his eyes shot towards him.

"You bastard! What are you doing here?! Go away!!" He shouted.

Everyone held Jimin down and tried to calm him down. Chanyeol smiled at the pain Jimin was going through.

"I think you should not stress so much Jimin. Let's go guys. I think he needs some rest." Chanyeol said.

Everyone exited the room.


The doctor came out of your operation theatre. His face looked dull and gloomy.

"What happened doctor? Is she okay?!" Lisa asked in a panic.

"Well.... She is fine. Just a few injuries, but her head got a very bad injury. She has lost a lot of blood. She is resting right now and I think you guys can meet her once we shift her to a room, but we are not sure of her condition fully right now." He said.

Everyone rushed to your room and saw your laying on the bed. Your head was covered in bandages and so was your torso.

Lisa and Taehyung went to look at you while Jungkook and Chanyeol walked calmly.

"Y/N.... Oh God...." Lisa said and cupped her mouth. Taehyung teared up.

You opened your eyes and looked around. You were confused and then a sharp pain ran down your spine.

"How did I get here? What happened?" You asked.

"Your car crashed into Jimin's car last night. Luckily Taehyung was there to bring you and Jimin to the hospital." Lisa explained.

You got confused.

"Thank God you are okay." Jungkook said.

You scrunched your eyes, trying to remember, but you couldn't.

"Wait, wait, wait, wait............ Who is Jimin?"

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