Family {Kara X Male!Reader}

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You were on the run with Kara and Alice for awhile now

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You were on the run with Kara and Alice for awhile now. You wanted to help them, and if the police found out, you'd be arrested. So here you were with the two, making your way through Detroit.

The rain picked up, and there wasn't many places to go. There was a nearby motel, but they didn't allow androids. So you'd have to do the talking, then sneak Kara in.

You walked up to the window, and ordered a room to stay in for the night.

"Here's your key, sir. You might want to get your daughter out of the rain."

You nodded, and held Alice close to you. "Thank you,"

You brought Alice into the room, and she immediately curled up on one of the beds. There was a knock at the door, and you jumped up to answer it.

"Kara!" You said and opened the door.

She was shivering, so you took off your jacket to cover her up. She smiled, and thanked you.

Kara tucked Alice into her bed, and she almost instantly fell asleep. Poor girl, you and Kara were the only family she had. You sat on the bed, gathering your thoughts before they were interrupted by a soft voice.


"Yes, Kara?"

She walked over to you, and sat down next to you. Kara put her head on your shoulder, and sighed.

"What are emotions like? All I can feel is fear..."

"Well, there are a lot of emotions, Kara. What one specifically intrigues you?"

"Well, love." She shrugged.

"It seems you've already experienced it. The way you cared for Alice. How you became deviant just to save her. That's a mother love to her daughter." You explained.

She looked up, her LED light glowing yellow. "What about love between two people who...really like each other."

"Well, you'll do anything for them. And they're always on your mind."

Kara looked into your eyes, "I believe I feel more than motherly love, and fear."

The two of you leaned in, and locked lips. It was different, loving an Android, but she was so much more than a machine.

Kara was a real human, with human emotions.

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