A week later Keisha was standing in Alejandro's living room with a sheet of paper of women's names. Though it was grueling, painful and a hit to her self-esteem she was able to come up with a short list of women for Alejandro.

Speaking of the bum she glanced at the corner of the couch where his black jaguar form laid watching her. Keisha sighed and wondered what the hell was she doing.

"I know you're listening and can understand me. Once you're back to human form we're going over these. And you're going to start taking pictures."

Keisha stared at the beast. "Nod if you understand and will do as I say."

The beast nodded.

"Good. And we're going to light Bea's magic candle for luck." The beast nodded his assent again.

She sighed in relief and mumbled under her breath, "we're going to need it," then bid him good night. Making her way to his second bedroom, Alejandro jumped off the couch and tried to follow her into the room. She spinned around and grabbed the edge of the door.

"No Alejandro." Her other free hand pointed back towards the living room and commanded him as if he was a trained dog instead of a big cat, "Stay."

He simply yawned showing his sharp teeth and laid down on his paws outside the threshold. Shaking her head she closed the door. Then took off her clothes, folded them and placed it next to her luggage on the bedroom bench at the end of the bed. She donned her blue lace nightgown and climbed into the bed.

Slipping under the covers she looked out the window. The moon was in shadow, reflecting their current situation. Alejandro's curse. Her promotion. Both were overcast in shadow. And though she didn't want to think it maybe a little bit of her heart was too.

The End.

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