Seven weeks later...

"Tell me you have something like that?" Bea glanced down at the fisted hand on her counter than back up into the owner's irate face.

"I tend not to make and sell anything with a purpose to control people. You know free will and all that, Keisha."

"Well I need something that'll help me restrain the bastard that couldn't be proven in court."

"That bastard being?"

Already knowing who the bastard Keisha was talking about, Bea tilted her head and reached for the plate of chocolate cupcakes with cream filling. Taking a bite, she moaned at the taste of chocolate and cream washing over her tongue. This was why she loved the Little Debbie cupcake snacks. Though it could never beat the taste of Lance at least the sinfully rich and sweet flavor came close to helping her forget how good he tasted. She just wished they wouldn't go to her hips. But it was either stuff herself on cupcakes or go crawling back into his arms for another round. It was one slippery slope she didn't want to go on. And she was a woman of her word.

Keisha sighed, reached for a cupcake and popped the whole thing in her mouth. Bea watched her chew, obviously using the time to think of the words to say. Words that'll also won't show how much Alejandro has gotten under her skin. A melancholy sadness swept through her as she understood Keisha's pain. Out of the five of them, only Layla was able to find a man worth being by her side. After dragging his heels for seven damn years. Jenna had a crush on some guy and Felicite' was still waiting on her Prince Charming. At the look of things, only her and Keisha were being made to suffer because of a man.

"It's just that," croaked Keisha. She cleared her throat and Bea offered her the ten ounce orange juice bottle, next to the plate of cacao goodness. Taking one for herself, she twisted off the cap, leaned back in the chair and sipped from the drink. Keisha drank half the bottle before she continued talking again. "It's just that Alejandro has a gallery showing but because of personal stuff he hasn't produced much of anything to put up."

"Personal stuff?" How interesting. Bea had him pegged as a shameless flirt whose only goal in life, aside photography, was to happily flit through life from one woman's panty to the next. What issues could a guy like that possibly have that it'd get in the way of his first love. Well, maybe second if you counted the man himself.

"Yeah, family stuff." Keisha shook her head as if she still couldn't believe whatever she found out. "I'm not sure if I can tell you."

"If that so then why even come to me? If you need him to concentrate there's only two things you can do."

Keisha leaned forward bot palms flat on the table.

Bea lifted her forefinger. "One. Stick to him like glue and give him a kick in the butt when he starts getting distracted."

"If you mean babysitting him, I'm already doing that."

Lifting up her second finger, a surprised Bea continued, "Let him go."

When Keisha heard her second suggestion her face crumpled.

"And looking at that face it's not too hard to guess that you don't want to, do you?"

Keisha teared up but not one single tear dropped from her eyes. It must've taken a great deal of effort to hold them back and Bea was impressed. As well as intrigued. Bea didn't get her man, not like she wanted to anyways, but with all the business Keisha threw her way Bea badly wanted to see her get her man. And be as happy as Layla. Even if she didn't think Alejandro was worthy of her. But the heart wants what the heart wants. There's no denying that.

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