"Ow. Did you just kick me?"

Lance had no idea what was going on. Last thing he remembered was going through the new development plans with Bea and getting distracted from her mouth watering hardened nipples. It looked as if they were trying to escape through her shirt trying to get to his mouth. They begged to be licked and suckled. They called to him. Like the sirens from myths and his body burned to answer the call.

Next thing he knew, in his sexual haze, he had her pressed against the door and had her coming in moments on his fingers. Then he was tasting her spicy sweetness coating his fingers when he was overcome by the urge to haver taste as well. He vaguely remembered her whispering something that didn't sound all that good before that. But when she planted that kiss on him making his cock even harder it became painful. When a matching pain bloomed on his shin from her foot.

He never knew a pair of flats could hurt so much. Only good thing was that the pain was receding.

Lance stumbled back and looked at the fiery woman in front of him. Hands fisted on her hips she looked like she had something to say and nothing was going to stop her. And damn if it didn't want him to strip her naked and bury his cock inside her more.

"Let's get something straight."

Lance simply nodded. He wasn't going to interrupt. He already knew she was a passionate woman and seeing her like this made him wonder just how much more passionate did she become when she was already riled up. He couldn't wait to find out which he planned to do as soon as possible once he get his hands on her. Though she didn't want to admit it and was obviously resisting and failing, she adhered to his touch like every living thing on Earth adhered to the laws of gravity.

"Don't think you can say and do whatever you want to me and try to turn me into your willing sex slave."

He liked the idea of a sex slave very much. He could picture her in a Spartacus female slave outfit. A blue cloth cut down to her knees and halter style baring her arms, most of her back and her lush breasts. In fact he was picturing wearing it right now. He wanted to put her knees and tell her to suck your master's cock. Instead he crossed his arms to keep himself from doing that very thing.

"As of right now we're business partners of sorts. And I don't mix with business with pleasure."

"Well fuck." He glanced down at the bulge in his pants then up at her. "Then what you expect me to do with this."

Bea cocked her brow and shrugged. "Take care of it yourself from now on."


"But from here on out things will be done my way."

Lanced looked skyward as he cursed himself for not shutting her up with a kiss and taking her like they both wanted when something soft collided into him. Hands were ripping his shirt off sending its buttons flying. By the time he caught on Bea was kissing and licking her way down his tight abs and undoing his belt.

"Wait, wait. I thought you said you don't mix business with pleasure."

"I don't. But I haven't walked out through that door yet."

"So this means what?" Lance knew what she meant but he still want to hear her say it.

"Can't you tell?" Bea kneeled down, hooked her thumbs into his boxers and tugged it down along with his pants. His cock sprang free, hard and pulsing, like a heat seeking missile. "I'm gonna suck on your cock and swallow your cum. Then you're going to eat me out until I cum in your mouth. And end it all by sliding your big cock inside me and fucking me hard until I cum again." Bea grabbed his cock and stroked it up and down as he looked up at him with a questioning look. "Unless you don't want me to."

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