"I don't get it." Bea went over what Lance said and the contract he drew up again and still didn't get it. "Why would you do this?"

"It is not me that's doing this. It's what BN Residential is proposing?"

"That we work together?"

Lance's face was expressionless, giving nothing away. He nodded and sat back as if he was growing tired of waiting for her answer.

Well she didn't care. She'd been a thorn in their side. A very large, dirty and rusty, need to take a tetanus shot thorn. Bea folded her arms on his desk and leaned forward. "Seriously, what do you guys get out of this? I'm not agreeing to anything until you tell me. And I might not even if you do."

Bea didn't know why she added the last part. She was tired of the dicking merry go round they've been on. She wanted out of that circle. She wanted straight up truth. No bull shit.

"You want honesty?"


"It's good publicity. If we help and work with you in making the building an historical site, even in rebuilding it then also build and renovate low income housing, it's good publicity for the company. Plus it'll eclipse the scandal you dredged up about Jacobson which has been starting to circulate."

"So basically it's a win-win for you. The bad guys."

"And it's a win-win for you. Another bad guy."

"Excuse me? You're calling me the bad guy?"


"I wasn't the one trying to push people out of their homes building apartments they couldn't afford to pay for. And what's up with all the glass anyways? Trying to go all voyeur? Got a problem with brick and mortar?"

"At least my actions, unlike yours, didn't threaten our employees being able to pay their mortgage or rent, buy groceries or pay their bills. Fact of the matter is, Ms. Lowell, if the company doesn't make money to recoup our losses we'll have to let people go."

Bea felt a twinge of guilt. She hadn't thought of things that way. But still what about the people in her community? Is the opportunity to bring more money in worth pushing people to move and live in worse conditions than they're currently in because it's what they're afford?

It was a fucking exhausting rat race. But one she meant to survive in. Along with her neighbors who supported each other like a co-op. Like family. At the moment she realized that Lance too was looking out for his employees. And though she didn't want to admit, his new plan helped leave that circle of struggle for wealth and power, income and living.

Damn, her respect for the man grew a bit more. She definitely couldn't fool herself into thinking he was just some guy with a nice face, nice enough body to look good in a suit with a more than nice sized cock.

Goddamnit! Why did he have to be intelligent and compassionate too. It was better when he showed how much of a asshole douche he was. Now he just proven his fulfillment of what she liked most in a man. Smart, caring and could make her feel full with his cock for days.

Heat pooled low in her abdomen and her nipples tightened. All of a sudden she felt as if Lance completely surround her. Taking her oxygen. Bea watched as his eyes darkened with desire then dipped lower. She followed his gazed down to her traitorous nipples. They hardened painfully. Her panties became damp from her arousal and when she lifted her head back up she reeled back in shock at the intense hunger blazing her way.

Feverish Bea decided to get out of there as fast as she could. She bent down for her purse on the floor and stood.

Taking her copy her printed out, she kept her head down, as she folded it up and placed it in her purse.

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