Chapter 1

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Just a little heads up: I was 13 when I wrote this so please ignore the bad qualities of it, love you all x


Rain was pounding down from the sky, thunder was louder than a lions roar and the lightning was striking every 2 seconds, days like these honestly are the worst for school!

"Alright everyone take your seats," my teacher said awfully loudly so we could hear him over the weather.

He started talking to us about some project we have to start but it was difficult to listen because the hottest guy I have seen in my whole life was standing outside the classroom waiting.

"Knock knock," he walked in politely.

"Class this is our new student his names Chris Lanzon try to make him feel as comfortable as possible, umm go take a seat next to Tara over there," my teacher pointed straight at me.

"Hey I'm Chris," he whispered quietly. He even has such a dreamy voice.

"I'm Tara," I whispered back smiling.

The whole session was just me and Chris talking it was literally the best thing ever. I often saw my friend Pariss give me those looks when they know you like that person, I tried my hardest to hide it though.

"Ding ding ding," yes finally schools over time to go home and relax I thought to myself. The day felt like it went on forever but it was surprisingly a good day since Chris has moved I know I'll be more excited for school.

As I was walking out the gate I heard.

"Hey Tara, wait up!" Chris said loudly getting my attention.

"Hey," I replied.

"Umm, here's my number I thought we could hang out sometime so call me," he said really sweetly, he begun to smile rather cutely.

"Okay thanks, when should I call?" I wondered trying not to sound stupid though.

"Whenever you want," he did a sort of half smile.

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