Chapter 10

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" Yeah, see ya!" Emilia yelled while walking towards Julia. I got onto my bike and suddenly heard a very annoying voice behind me, I turned around in frustration. "What is it you can possibly want now Cayden?" I asked him in frustration, gosh I hate him so god damn much!


"That notes you gave me made me fail!"  He said angrily looking like he wanted to punch someone in the face.  "Well maybe you can do your own research then you won't fail," I said to him as I started my bike.  

"Well if you don't want to get hit by my bike I suggest you should move"  I said to him making him move to get to his car. I went out of the schools parking lot then I went to Wendy's to get food to Rose because she loves it. Then I went to dairy queen and ordered a big ice cream. I know I'm super healthy. 

I drove home with the food. I got inside the house and yelled for Rose she came down the stairs and I handed her the food. "Thanks!" She said to me, already getting into her food. I went up to my room with my ice cream.

 Someone was in there I took up my gun and walked inside. I took my gun down when I saw who it was. "Alex what are you doing here?!" I asked. "Well I was with Cayden then he said that you lived here so I jumped out of his window." He said. "Okay, but what did you want?" I asked. "Well I hadn't seen my baby sister for 2 years so I wanted to see her." He said. 

"Well okay now you have seen me so now you can get out of my room!" I said crossing my arms. "Fine! But you got to buy me my lunch tomorrow!" He said jumping out the window and in to Cayden's room. I took my ice cream and sat on my white couch then turned on an episode of how I met your mother and ate my ice cream. 

Fuck I'm going to be late for practice i have to hurry. I grabbed my bag and walked out of my room. "Rose! I'm going to be at the fighting club!." I yelled. "Okay! I'll take your car to a mechanic tomorrow." She yelled. 

I went out in the garage and hopped on my bike. I drove as fast as I could to the stadium. I finally got there I ran into the stadium. I ran into the wardrobe and changed. I saw there were only two girls there to my surprise they were Emilia and Julia.

 "Hi girls! What are you doing here?" I asked them with an questioning look.  "Well we have almost just started with MMA here." Julia said, I just nodded not knowing what to say.  "Well we better hurry then can you show me where room 11 is in this stadium?" I asked.

 "Oh we're also going to room 11 you could walk with us!" Emilia said. "Okay"  I said. We walked to the class. It was like a group training today it's usually just two and two but they have sometimes more people. 

"You should just follow the class it's kind of hard to fight." Julia said to me. "I think I can handle it." I said and walked to the trainer and asked him to fight with me he was kind of surprised but didn't back of. 

"Well I'll be nice to you because it's your first class." He said. "Just do your best!" I said we went inside the ring. "Okay let's start." I said punching him in the guts.

 He tried hitting me but I was too fast and dodged it. I kicked him on his side causing him to fall to the ground I heard everybody was in shock. I gave him an double punch but then he kicked my leg causing me to fall over. But I got up within seconds and started attacking him.

 On my fifth punch he got a knockout. Everybody was cheering and I took the trainer up from the ground and out of the ring to make sure he doesn't die. I got him pretty bad. But then I saw someone I know. "Cayden, what are you doing here?" I asked him with an raised eyebrow.


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