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I woke up to my alarm, I silenced it and tried to get up, my whole body was aching from last night's beating. Shia spoke,"Happy bitrthday Issa."
"Thanks Shia, happy birthday to you too."
I slowly made my way to the bathroom. I tried to do my business fast but could not. You must be thinking that I'm a werewolf I should have been healed by now, but no I  could not. They do not feed me enough they feed me less than a sick human eats. Now, I guess you could imagine...right?

I slowly made my way to the kitchen for making the breakfast. I quickly finished making the breakfast and started preparing food for the party. As I did all the decorations yesterday.

I first started preparing the batter for the cake. After preparing it I put it into the oven. Then I prepared the starters, main course and different deserts. In the meantime, cake was done in the oven and had cooled down and I started doing the icing. I do like cooking a lot and mainly baking cakes and cookies but only then when I am not forced to do that.

Well now all the food is done now I just need to make non-alcoholic drinks for little kids and old folks.

After an hour, I was at last finished with the kitchen work. I walked out for checking the decorations and all. I thought that today is a good day as it's Alpha-to-be Mike's birthday, so today I would not get any beating...man I was so wrong.

"Bitch, where are you come here now." Mike's voice boomed into the pack house.

"Y-yes". That was my reply.

I hurriedly ran to the living room where he was sucking Brittany's face. Guess he found his mate in Brittany. They are good for each other.

"Y-yes sir, y-you called m-me." I said with my head down.

"Yeah, I called you, slut. Now tell me are all the preparations done for my party?"

"Y-yes s-sir."

"Good, so now you know that today very special guest are coming in the party. Do you know who they are?"

"N-no s-sir." I do know that alpha of the Moon Shadow Pack is coming but no way in hell I'm going to tell him that or he'll just punishme for even that.

"Well the alpha of the strongest pack Alpha Wilson is coming to search for his mate and well he'll be attending this party. So there is no possibility that you would be his mate. So, I want you to stay in your room. Not to come out for any reason. Am I understood?"

"Y-yes s-sir."

"You know Isabella, I don't believe you. I know you will come out to whore around that's why we will make you stay into your room so that you cannot show your ugly self to anyone on MY birthday in MY party."

"W-what d-do y-you m-mean s-sir?"

"I mean this." And with that he punched me in the face and then Brittany landed a kick in my stomach and then they both beat me to death. After there beating was over they told me to clean the blood and to go to my room.

I slowly cleaned the room and made my way to my room limping slightly and welcomed the darkness.

(I was going to finish the chapter here but I'm not evil and I was late for my update so carry on😁)

Alpha Austin Wilson(yup the male lead's pov)

I was searching for my mate for about two years. I'm now eighteen. And yes I'm the alpha of the strongest pack and I'm the strongest alpha but I'm incomplete without my mate. This is the second last pack I'm visiting in this country for my mate. I hope I'm able to find her here. I will treat her like a queen. I'm saving myself for her. I hope she did the same, well I don't care if she doesn't.

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