10: Россия

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Chapter ten : Россия

Luca's POV

We had found a small private airport, the flights were expensive but we managed to book a flight with Aeroflot which would take us to Moscow. 

As we  were waiting to board I glanced down at my burner phone. 

Unknown: Where are you now? 

Luca: Going to Moscow, I'll send you the when and where. 

 We were suddenly called to board and I stuff the phone deep into my jean pocket, as Lana and I stroll over to wait in line. 

"The cabin is in the east of Moscow, in the mountains." Lana tells me as we take off, I look at her and smile sadly. She's been nervous ever since she mentioned her Mother, it's clearly a huge leap for her to be going back there. It's clear that her Mother's death had a huge effect on her. She gazes distantly out the window, and eventually we both drift off to sleep. 


"I'm home!" Lana says, she stares up at the sky and closes her eyes in joy. We had just walked out of the Moscow airport. "I haven't been here for six years." 

I smile at her, "it's freezing." I mutter wrapping my jumper around me tighter. 

"It's only like eight degrees." 

"Exactly freezing!" I say in disbelief. 

"I suppose we should buy some proper coats."

'Uh, yeah!" I say as we both walk towards a car rental. 


"How long will the it take to get to the cabin?" I ask. We had rented a cheap Toyota from a car rental at the airport.

"Two or three hours at most."

I turn up the heating, finally settling down into my seat.

"We should probably try to contact your Father, he'll be worried."

"I know, but calling him is a risk." Lana says as she sighs deeply.

"Send him a letter." I suggest.

"Okay when we get to the next tank station."

I nod and end up dozing off.


When I wake up again we've stopped. I see Lana running towards the car, she opens and closes the car for as quickly as possible.

"You were right, it's freezing." She says, pulling the fur coat we bought tighter around herself.

"I posted the letter." She says again.

I nod, "what did you say?"

"I wrote: I'm safe, see you at our place on the night of red wine."

"What's 'our' place?'"

"When I was a kid I loved watching the ballet, me and my father went to see the Bolshoi every year. It was... our place."

"Okay what about the 'night of red wine?'"

Lana takes a deep breath, "it's a long story but the night of red wine is the 19th of December."

"What's on the 19th of December?" I question.

"The night my mother died, my father will understand, we'll meet him there so he knows we're safe." 

I nod at this new information, "I need to go to the bathroom, I'll be right back." 
I exit the car and hurriedly go into the bathroom, I go into the stall and pull out my phone. 

Luca: Bolshoi theatre on the 19th

Unknown: Good, see you then.


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