Chapter 19

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MayMay's POV:

A few minutes later the nurse went in with Edward and he checked up on me. Then he looked at the others

"She's alright, she just really can't do much work, she needs to relax first" He said and the others nodded their heads and the nurse went out and they looked at me

"You heard what the nurse said, you need to rest" Edward said and I just rolled my eyes

"Whyyyyyyy" I whined

"Because I said so" He said and I just sighed and laid down

Edward's POV:

When she finally laid down I smiled in triumph so I sat on the chair next to her and saw she was fast asleep and I just couldn't control it, my hand went to her hair and ran my fingers through her hair

"Dude, tell us the truth, do you like May?" I heard Ronnie ask and I just looked at them

"No, I'm just doing this for show, malay mo there might be people here from school" I said but I was uneasy and they just looked at me

"Bro you can't hide anything from us" Bailey said and I just sighed

"Fine, yes I like MayMay, I mean dude how can no one like her, she's perfect" I said, it's true though, MayMay is perfect, she's beautiful, she's kind, she's caring, she's hot, she's everything I want in a girl, she's way better than Heaven, what's even better is that she's Dale, my first love, my best friend. I still have to find a way to tell her that she's the best friend that I was talking about.

"Uyyy Edward, snap out of it!!" I heard Marco say and I shook my head and looked at him

"What?" I asked

"Dude you were staring off into space" He said and I just looked at him

"I'm sorry, were you saying something?" I asked

"I said that if you really like her, then please please please I'm begging you, don't hurt her, because if you guys are together and she come crying to me and Kisses, I'm gonna kill you with my bare hands, I promise that to you" He said and I just stared at him and blinked my eyes multiple times and then I finally came to my senses

"Of course I won't hurt her, I promise you and Kisses that I will take care of her" I said and he smiled and nodded and patted my back

"I wish you guys the best" He said and I nodded my head

"Edward ha, don't hurt Ate May" Kisses said and I nodded my head

"I promise" I said and she nodded and hugged me and squealed

"Yiiiieeeeee I'm so excited for you and Ate May!!" She exclaimed and then she let go of me

"Grabe you guys are so cute together, even last night when we came in and you guys were sleeping and holding hands, gosh kinilig ako dun!!" She said and I just laughed at her

"Dude did that really happen?" Ricci asked and I just focused my attention on MayMay and she looked so beautiful

"Halaaaa in love na si Edward!!" Christian said and I just shook my head and stared at MayMay

A few hours later Tita Lorna came and she told us that she fell asleep last night that's why she wasn't able to come back. Now I am preparing MayMay's lunch and she's been asleep for a few hours na rin, sarap nga ng tulog niya. The other guys went home na Ron and a while ago the doctor said na rin that MayMay can go home on Tuesday and Today's Saturday, I'll have to ask my mom if I can stay for that long

"Ummm Tita excuse me Lang po, I'll just call my mom and ask if I can stay here pa po until tomorrow, and if I can make dalaw here after school" I said and she smiled and nodded her head

"Thank you hijo for taking care of my daughter, thank you rin Kisses and Marco for being my daughter's family when I couldn't even be a mother to her" Tita Lorna said and I smiled and nodded my head and went out and called mom

Kisses' POV:

When Edward got out Tita looked at us.

"I just really want to thank you to you guys for making MayMay feel welcome in your families, please say thank you to your mothers for me, and also to your fathers, thank you so so much" She said and I smiled and took her hands

"Tita okay Lang yun, Ate May's welcome anytime naman, we also wanna thank you because you gave birth to a wonderful girl, Ate May became our Ate, and she also took care of us naman eh, kaya Tita don't worry ok Lang yun" I said and she smiled and hugged me and pulled Marco to join in the hug

"Thank you talaga" She said and we pulled away from the hug

"Ok lang run Tita, love namin naman yan si Ate May eh" Marco said and she just smiled at us and we heard the door open and Edward came in with a smile 

"What did your mom say?" I asked

"She said it was fine" He said and I nodded my head 

"Guy anong oras na?" We heard a voice say and it came from Ate May, and there she was, awake. Edward walked over to her and checked his phone 

"It's 4:30 na" He said and I just looked at Marco

"Ang sweet niya kay Ate May" I whispered to him and he smiled and nodded his head 

Edward's POV:

"Umm do you need anything May?" I asked her 

"Yah, can I have some water?" She asked and I nodded my head and got her some water and gave it to her 

"Here you go" I said and she smiled at me and drank the water 

"Thanks Edward" She said 

"Isn't your mom looking for you?" She asked 

"No naman, I told her naman the reason" I said and she nodded her head

"Thank you Edward, for staying here" She said and I nodded my head and gave her a smile

"Anytime" I said 


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