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A year later, Rina had been promoted to a producer for the company, which meant she got to work with other groups besides NCT. She had created a song for Red Velvet and had even worked with EXO, but she focused most of her time on NCT since her songs seemed to fit their concept the best.

NCT still gave incredibly powerful concerts, and Mark made sure that Rina came to each one. Instead of sitting in the fan section, she sat with Henry and some other big producers. Mark would dance and rap his heart out every time he saw her. He realized that if you wanted something, you would find a way and make it happen. That was the way life worked. A year ago, he had almost lost Rina, and Rina had almost lost her dream. Years before that, Mark and Rina had almost pushed their dreams aside to live other people's dreams.

But what was the use of living in someone else's happiness when you could live in your own?

"Mark!" Rina called. She ran to him backstage after the Dream Concert, handing him a water bottle. "You were great out there."

"Well, of course it was great. It was your song," Mark cooed before pecking Rina on the cheek.

"Aish, if you weren't this cute and handsome and everything, I would have-"

Mark cut her off with a peck on the lips. "You would have what?"

Rina laughed. "I would have still liked you just the same. Isn't it funny how I started working for you a year ago? It's been a whole year."

"Crazy, isn't it?" Mark got into the back of the van that would take all the members back to the dorm. This time, Rina crawled into the back with him. Taeil and Haechan decided it wouldn't hurt to ride with Manager Kim, so the two could have their space.

"It's been a year but I have a feeling that our lives are gonna keep getting crazier," Rina said. "NCT is gonna get more famous, and I'll be producing more songs."

Mark grinned, holding her hand. "Guess we'd better hold on tight."


A/N: Thank you so much for reading through all 12 chapters, and I hope you enjoyed the adventure. For those who stayed tuned till the end, I'll let you in on a little secret.  I just started working on a huge new project that I think all of you will enjoy.  It will capture the dorkiness of my favorite boys, so look forward to it!  Let me know if you have any questions about this fanfiction such as the writing process or how I came up with character personalities!  I love answering questions so feel free to bombard me with them <3  

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