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There was just one more day before the Dream Concert, and the only thing on Mark's schedule was practice, practice, and practice. Rina woke up extra early, but the area under her eyes were slightly puffy from crying last night. Haechan poked her arm. "Mark is making breakfast."

"Oh really? Is he a good cook?" Rina asked, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.

"No. That's the scary part. It's a good thing you woke up in case he catches the dorm on fire. The other members are sleeping, and I just woke up, so it's just him down there."

Rina jumped to her feet. "I should go help him." She grabbed some clothes to change into and ran downstairs, but Mark was already done. He had made chocolate chip pancakes and eggs.

"Haechan said you couldn't cook," Rina watched in amazement as Mark set down a plate of pancakes on the table.

"I can't make Korean food, but I'm really good at American food," he giggled. "Pancakes and scrambled eggs are the two things I'm really good at. Can you grab the last plate of pancakes by the stove?"

Rina shuffled into the kitchen and saw a golden stack of pancakes sitting there. Mark really wasn't as bad as Haechan had described. She was bringing the pancakes to the table when Mark intercepted her and took the stack from her. In the process, his hand brushed hers, and he felt his heart thump.

"I'll go wake the members up, but you can go ahead and start eating, if you want," Mark said, coughing.

"I can wait," Rina smiled, and she found a spot around the table to sit at. It took a good ten minutes, but all the members stumbled around the table, waking up to the smell of pancakes.

"Whoa, Mark, you should do this more often!" Lucas exclaimed, digging in.

Rina bit her lip, already knowing Mark's schedule by heart for the next month, and there was barely enough time for him to eat or sleep, let alone make pancakes. "I'll make them!" the girl volunteered.

Mark stopped chewing. "You?"

Rina nodded. "Your schedule is pretty packed until the next comeback, and after that, you'll have promotions before things calm down. So, I'll be the one making pancakes." She didn't want Mark to have more stress than he already had. Otherwise, what was the point of having Rina around, anyways?

"Can you make American food?" Jaehyun asked, curiously. "I mean, you've never lived in America, right? How'd you learn?"

Rina smiled sheepishly. "Uhhhh... I like watching cooking videos in my spare time. I've never actually made American food, but I'm really good at following directions."

Taeyong raised an eyebrow. "Well, if you're cooking, can I be your assistant or something? Just to make sure we don't burn the place down. And, um, I want to learn to make American-styled food, too. Johnny, Jaehyun, Mark, and the younger ones always ask for hamburgers, pasta, and all that stuff. Maybe you can teach me?"

"Sure," Rina grinned. "We can learn together. Alright, you all hurry up and eat. You have a full day of rehearsal starting in an hour."

They quickly finished eating and changed out of their pajamas. Mark wore sweatpants and a hoodie to shield himself from the wintery weather outside. In just a few weeks, it would be April, which meant warmer weather and less layers of clothing. He couldn't wait. But growing up in Canada, he was used to the cold. Rina was wearing Mark's hoodie with a nice warm winter jacket on top. She looked really warm today.

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