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All the members were either stashed away in their rooms or playing video games in the living room. The kitchen was empty when Mark and Rina got home.

"Who wants cookies?" Rina asked, and all the members jumped up in excitement. "Cookies and a pep talk to do your very best at the SM Dream Concert. That's on the menu, so get ready."

Mark grinned. "Alright, just a heads up, but I suck at baking or anything cooking-related."

"I'm not the best, but if you have me, then we'll be great!" She grabbed the necessary ingredients from the fridge. When she was a kid, her mom taught her how to make cookies from scratch. Her favorite was chocolate chip, heavy on the chocolate. She laid everything out on the counter before washing her hands and slipping her jacket off.

"You can mix, right? There's no way you can go wrong with mixing," Rina said, handing him a bowl with a wooden spoon.

Mark knew you couldn't go wrong with mixing, but he knew he'd probably find a way to mess it up. He mixed the dough the best he could while Rina preheated the oven and added chocolate chips while he stirred.

"Do you have cookie cutters?" Rina asked, looking around in the drawers, and Mark bit his lip. The members didn't usually have time to cook leisurely like this. He shook his head. "That's all right. Nothing wrong with our classic circle." She rolled the dough into spheres with the palms of her hands.

"Here, you roll, and I'll place them on the baking tray," Mark suggested, and they worked like that side-by-side until there were three trays of cookies filled up.

"Wow, it smells great," Chenle commented as the cookies baked.

Jungwoo sniffed and a huge smile exploded on his face. "Lucas! They're making COOKIES!"

"You only get one," Lucas booped Jungwoo's nose. "You'll be really hyper if you have more than one."

"Let the child be for one night," Taeyong smiled. "Rina, you really didn't have to make cookies for all of us. Why don't you change into something more comfortable while they're baking? I'll take them out of the oven if they're done early."

"Thanks! Oh, um, Mark. Do you think I could borrow some warmer clothes to sleep in? I forget to get some when I was out today."

"Sure! Follow me." Mark sifted through his wardrobe and found a long sleeved shirt and some flannel bottoms. "Will this be okay? I might be a little big, but I'm actually one of the smallest members, so it should fit decently."

"This is great. Thanks, Mark," Rina smiled, and she closed the door to change. The sleeves of the shirt came down past her hands, and she had to roll the legs of the pajama pants up a little so that she wouldn't trip over them while she walked. Rina made her way over to the full length mirror in the room and smiled, pleased with her look. Might as well take off her makeup while she was here. She found the makeup wipes Irene had bought her, and she carefully erased what the girls had so carefully applied. Her face looked so bare, but it looked more familiar and a little more comfortable.

Mark heard footsteps, and he turned around to see Rina behind him. Her hair was tied up in a loose bun, and he resisted the urge to laugh when he saw her in his clothes. She looked...cute.

"Taeyong took the cookies out a minute ago. They're cooling on the counter, now," Mark managed to say, and Rina gave him a thumbs-up before joining the others in the living room. Lucas and Jaehyun were getting competitive while playing some video game, and the other members sat around them were rooting for either one or the other.

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