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Should I go? Rina asked Ten silently with her eyes. She was worried that Manager Kim would get mad for her not being there and doing her job as a personal manager. But then again, she didn't have to be here. She only tagged along because Mark asked her to. Plus, she didn't want to experience another cramped ride back sitting in Mark's lap.

Go only if you want to Ten replied, blinking a couple times.

Henry swung around, and waved at them. "Whoa, we got Red Velvet in the house! What're you guys doing here?"

"We were going to take Rina out for a bit and kinda get her some cool Seoul clothes and doll her up."

Henry and Seulgi seemed to have a silent conversation with barely any body language, and then the corner of Henry's mouth lifted into a small smirk. "Mind if I tag along? I actually have an eye for these things."

"Sure! Let's go!" Wendy grinned.

Rina was slightly excited, and it was about time she maid some friends. She couldn't just hang around NCT 24/7, although that was her job. Waving at Ten, she followed Henry and the girls to the van they came in, Henry volunteering to drive.

"I'm a safe driver!" Henry argued with Wendy.

"Well that one time we were driving in Toronto you went against the traffic!" she shot back.

Henry playfully nudged her. "So where to, ladies? Downtown Seoul? They have a lot of cool shops there."

"Sure," Irene spoke. Rina was enamored by Irene. She had short, black hair that was styled so perfectly that she looked unreal. "Also, don't worry about paying. This is our treat, okay?"

"Are you sure?" Rina felt bad, but she felt even worse feeling relieved. She didn't have that kind of money to blow it all on-

"Clothes, hair, makeup. Let's do it in that other," Irene instructed the girls. They started looking on their phones for shops that they thought would suit Rina's style best and eventually came up with a list.

"Alright," Henry said after he found a parking spot. "So first we're getting athletic gear because you go to the gym with Mark, right?"

Irene sifted through the racks, picking out a few items here in there. Joy and Yeri herded Rina into a fitting room and kept handing her things to try on. Rina walked out to the common area, "modeling" for them. There was this one outfit that was basically an indigo tank top paired with black leggings that had traces of the same indigo. The leggings fit so well, it was almost like they were made with Rina in mind.

"Wow," Henry breathed. "Why do you hide your figure behind all those baggy clothes? You should show off what you got!"

Wendy nodded. "This is the first time Henry and I agree on something. Alright, let's get you actual clothes, now. Winter and spring clothes, for now, and we can go again in the summer."

Rina tried on all sorts of clothes, and left the shop wearing dark jeans, a beautiful sweatshirt with paint splattered on it with an olive-green jacket layered on top. To complete the look, she wore snow boot-looking shoes on her feet that made the look Rina's.

"Wow," Henry breathed again. "Let's drop all these bags off to the car, and then we can go get your hair done. I'm taking you to the place I usually get mine styled at. It's amazing. Of course the girls had to copy me, and now they go there, too."

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