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Rina put the last set of papers in the file cabinet and closed the drawer. It had taken her a little over three hours to get the work done, but hey, she was finished now. Her stomach rumbled, but she was supposed to be meeting Henry Lau for producing lessons down the hall in five minutes. There was no time for food.

She wandered around for a minute before finding the producer's studio, Henry spinning on a chair inside.

"Oh, you're early! Shows that you're enthusiastic!" Henry clapped his hands together, startling the girl. "Song Rina, right? I'm Henry Lau."

She shook his outstretched hand gingerly. "So what are we learning today?"

"Good question. We're going to produce a fake track from start to finish. No lyrics. Just beat." Rina mentally face palmed but put on a smile and sat down next to the crazy composer.

Henry went over things she already knew, but it was good to hear someone else's perspective. They worked on a track, Henry stopping and giving advice every once in a while until finally, there was a full track in front of them.

"This is some really nice stuff. I hope we can work together in producing in the future. Rina nodded her throbbing head. She had a massive headache from not eating anything all day.

"You think Rina's okay?" Taeil asked. Everyone was worried about the girl who they hadn't heard from since she dropped Mark off in the afternoon. It was past dinner time, now.

Mark cursed himself for not getting Rina's phone number. That should have been the first thing he should have done when he met her. He felt bad for only thinking of himself and his schedule. He was pulled out of his thoughts when they all heard a soft knock on the door, and Lucas, who was closest, opened it.

Rina stood there looking exhausted and she blinked a few times before passing out in Lucas's arms.

Mark called up Manager Kim, asking if Rina was with him for lunch, and then he phoned his Canadian pal Henry. Both confirmed that Rina had not eaten. They laid the girl on the couch, and Taeil placed a wet towel on her forehead. Haechan and Taeyong were already busy making food for the worn out girl. Mark sat on the sofa beside his personal manager, sad that Rina had had such an awful first day. First, she had been disrespected by that female idol, and then she was assigned to file paperwork and then compose a track with no meal in between.

Slowly, Rina's eyes opened, and Mark grabbed her hand, bombarding her with questions. "Are you okay? Why haven't you eaten? Are you feeling okay? Are you hungry? Do you need medicine?"

"Geez, Mark. Chill a little bit," Johnny laughed. "Rina, you passed out."

"Uh, I did?"

Mark realized he was still holding her hand and let go. "Haechan and Taeyong are making you food. It'll probably be ready in a few minutes."

"Aw, you didn't have to. I could have just eaten a cereal bar, or something."

"So, why didn't you eat all day?" Taeil asked. "It's very important that you get all three meals in."

Rina looked down. "I didn't eat breakfast because I was nervous about meeting you guys. I thought I could eat at lunch, but I was, um, assigned some paperwork, and right after that, I had producing lessons. While walking over, I had such a bad headache. It was a relief I passed out here rather than on the street."

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