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Mark didn't even need to snooze his alarm today. He was already wide awake way before the Coldplay song went off. Haechan was still snoring when Mark wore a pink tank top and gym shorts. He was excited about having someone to manage his schedule and having more time for himself. And that all started today! Lucas and Jaehyun stumbled into the car, looking more tired than ever.

"How are we doing this fine morning?" Jaehyun asked the usual question while starting up the engine and rubbing the last drop of sleep from his eyes.

"Great! Fantastic! Absolutely swell!"

Lucas whipped his head around to look at the youngest in the car. "I'll have what he's having."

Jaehyun laughed, shaking his head. "Let's give today's workout session our all. We need to feel that burn a little."

And Mark definitely did push himself way more than he had yesterday. He stationed himself at a treadmill, drinking a few sips of water before choosing his pace. He took off, hoping to release a little of his limitless energy. That happened way sooner than he realized. By the end of the mile he was running, he was a sweating, panting mess. He gulped down swigs of water. Glancing down at his watch, Mark's eyes widened and he scanned the room for Jaehyun and Lucas who were busy lifting weights.

"Guys, it's 9:50 AM! We have to be in the dance practice room at 10 to meet Manager Kim and the new staff member!" Mark panicked. If he thought he was sweating earlier, he was mistaken. Beads of perspiration broke out on his forehead. Lucas nearly dropped the barbell on his chest, but Jaehyun helped him, and they piled into the car.

"We're definitely going to be a couple minutes late," Jaehyun sighed, eyeing the digital clock in the car. "Just giving you both a heads up."

Mark bit his bottom lip. "You don't think Manager Kim is going to be mad at us right?"

"Us? No. You? Maybe," Lucas answered. "This new lady is your personal manager. The rest of us are just meeting her, but don't worry. I think Manager Kim is a great dude. He won't get mad at you for exercising."

Mark hoped Lucas was right. And he knew Jaehyun and Lucas would back him up by saying they actually lost track of time while working out. As soon as Jaehyun pulled into the parking lot, the three boys quickly unbuckled their seat belts and dashed into the SM building and up four flights of stairs. They burst into the dance practice room, and Manager Kim spun on his heel upon hearing the heavy breathing of the three tardy boys.

"Ah, we were just introducing ourselves. Why don't you three give a little introduction?"

Mark stood in the line beside his bandmates, now slightly nervous. A girl stood beside Manager Kim. She wasn't too tall, probably coming up to Mark's shoulder. Her face was young and framed by long, straight black hair.

"I'm Jaehyun, a vocal for NCT 127 and NCT U."

"I'm the handsomest member, Lucas, and I'm a rapper for NCTU."

Mark stepped forward, not realizing there was sweat dripping down the side of his exhausted face. "Um, I'm Mark Lee. I'm a rapper in NCT 127, NCT Dream, and NCT U. I currently am an MC for Music Core. Um, I have a pretty busy schedule, so I'm really thankful for your help, Manager Song," Mark bowed a perfect ninety-degree angle.

The girl laughed, and he straightened himself out, confused. "None of that manager stuff for me. Just call me Rina. We're the same age anyways, so feel free to drop the formalities. I guess it's my turn to tell you about myself, right?"

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