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Mark heaved a sigh of relief. "A personal manager? What exactly would a personal manager do different from what you do?"

"Well, a personal manager would help you run your and your schedule only more smoothly. For example, right now, I have to keep dropping you off places and then drive all the way back to the airport with the other members to get them on flights to places. It's a bit of a hassle. And then again, you're under so much pressure and basically don't get any time to relax."

"That's true..." Mark trailed off. "So have you already found someone?"

"The girl I scouted is about your age, maybe a few months older. She's got huge credentials backing up her name even though she's so young. She graduated at a performing arts school in Busan and composes music for popular artists in Korea and even in the States. She's fluent in English, Korean, and Spanish. I mean, she's really good at learning languages, so I'm sure she could learn Mandarin and Japanese in a few months. She graduated high school at the top of her class and is being scouted out as a songwriter by other entertainment agencies. We're hoping to hire her as soon as possible so that we don't lose a gem like her."

Mark thought for a second. It would be nice to have someone to help him out with his schedule and have some time for himself. And he hadn't really thought about how much stress he'd been causing Manager Kim.

"Let's do it," Mark decided.

Manager Kim laughed. "Alright then. I just need to make a few phone calls, and we should be set. Oh, one more thing. Her name is Song Rina, and she'll be staying in an air mattress in your and Haechan's room until we can set her dorm room up. Is that alright?"

Mark nodded. "It might be a little awkward getting ready at first, but we'll make it work. Thanks for thinking of me, Manager Kim."

"Alright go eat lunch. You must have been nervous. Sorry for worrying you," the man laughed.

Mark left the SM building feeling a lot better than he had ten minutes ago. His appetite had come back with full force, and all the members looked at him with concern when he walked back in.

"You feeling alright?" Johnny asked again.

"Bro, I'm starving," Mark sat down in his seat, and Haechan removed the plastic wrap covering his food. "I just talked to Manager Kim, and I'm getting a personal manager."

"Male or female?" Yuta asked, and Doyoung nudged him in the ribs. "Sorry," Yuta grumbled.

"Female. She's like a few months older than me, apparently," Mark said while piling some bibimbap onto his spoon. "She's like really good at writing songs and knows three languages and is like super smart and stuff."

"What's her name?" Taeil questioned. "Maybe we can find her online if she's really well-known."

Mark stopped chewing, "Uh... good question. Her name is Song something? Last name Song for sure." Yuta let out a groan of frustration, earning him another nudge in the ribs from Doyoung. "She'll be staying with us for a while until Manager Kim and the crew set up her dorm. Haechan, that means she'll be our roommate for a bit, so please don't do anything weird to scare her off."

Haechan snorted. "And I'm the weird one? At least I'm not constantly going through puberty." Mark silenced himself by shoving a spoonful of rice with kimchi in his mouth. "Anyways, what if this turns into some tragic love story? What if you ended up falling in love with Personal Manager Song Something?" Taeyong whacked Haechan with a placemat.

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