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"The strongest drug that exists for a human is another human being."


I couldn't believe I was doing this. Again.

I had skipped my lecture to travel back to Jordan's place.

I needed to understand what was going on. He had texted me, saying he wanted me to come see him. I wasn't proud by how I was still willing to come over by myself, let alone come over at all.

His behavior had been very weird. His text messages became rather manic. No matter how many times I read them back, repeatedly, it was still unclear to me on what sense he was trying to make.

Jealousy was also laced with every word that was sent--that was obvious. Jealous of what? The answer I was afraid to know haunted me.

Could he know? No. There was no way someone as naive as him would be able to know just by that one day.

Before I even made it to the front door, his strong build came bursting out of the house. Sweat beaded his skin and his veins were popping out from his arms.

Oh, god.

No, not now.

"You finally made it!" he exclaimed, his gestures were exaggerated as he spoke.

I swallowed hard, unable to process his high energy in such a quick few moments.

"Yeah, you made me worried. You were talking about forty different things. Are you okay?" I asked, my eyebrow lifting.

I was expecting a lie to come straight out of his teeth. From the looks of him, I knew instantly that he failed to remain sober and was trying hard not to seem like he was high.

His hair was a mess, his skin looked dry, and a slight beard was starting to take over his jaw. He also looked like he hadn't showered in days or washed his clothes from how wrinkled and frumpy they were on him.

"Of course! Never better."

His language he spoke in was quick. If I were anybody else, I probably wouldn't have recognized what he said.

An eerie feeling settled in my gut and I suddenly wanted to turn back home. Jacklyn was missing and now Jordan was back on drugs.

All I wanted to do was to hide under my bed covers and forget about the odd things that were starting to happen around me.

"If you say so," I started.

"Come in!" his voice seemed to echo louder.

My eyes widened for a second before the feeling within me started to take over my whole entire body. Something bad was about to happen, and I knew for certain that I had to leave.

I shook my head and passed off a nervous laugh, "No, I can't. I just came by to check on you, is all. I actually have to get to class."

His face suddenly turned serious and his green eyes flickered with a certain darkness that I feared to see again.

"I insist. Come inside, Mimi."

The way he said my name was dripping with danger. My insides flipped with nausea as I knew I was about to enter the lion's den without any protection to help me.

I gulped, not loud enough for him to notice. I didn't move from my spot. Something in me was not allowing me to go back into the house.

I stayed staring at him until my legs started to run down the street. Everything in me was keeping away from him. My legs hurt from how hard I was using them, and my feet ached from how hard I was slapping them against the ground.

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