Chapter 1 : Night Out

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Eve's POV

I sighed staring at my reflection in the mirror in my bedroom. I looked a mess. How would I make myself  look good for tonight?

I was going clubbing to celebrate finishing college. After lots of work I was ready to have a good time.

I started by jumping in the shower and washing my hair, which made me feel much cleaner. Then drying my hair and curling it before applying makeup and perfume.

I walked out of the bathroom into my bedroom to put my dress on. It was a blue skater dress with lace around the waist. I put it on and took one last glance in the mirror, straightening up my dress ,smiling at my achievement. Then walking out to see an already ready katie sitting on the sofa. She had curled hair too but hers was more blonde than mine.

Katie was my best friend since infant school and was now my roommate.She had her eyes glued to the tv screen when I walked in.

"Thank God your ready, I've been waiting ages" she said standing up from the sofa.

"Usually I'm the one waiting for you" I said back annoyed.

"Oh shut up" she said, we both laughed.


I could hear the loud music from the club before we even came close to the club. As we walked in I could feel the ground vibrating underneath me.

"Do you want a drink" I screamed at Katie who could bearly hear what I was saying.

"Yeah vodka"she screamed back,  darting over to the dancefloor and began to jump around.

I laughed to myself, she was crazy.

As I walked to the bar I noticed a guy who had hid head rested in his hands , sitting on a bar stool. When I got closer I began to see him clearer ,he looked familiar.

He had dark hair that was in a messy quiff and he looked like he hadn't shaved in awhile. His eyes were a gorgeous brown and he had tatoos up his arms. He was very attractive.Who was he ,he looked so familiar?

"Can I have two vodkas please" I shouted to the waiter.

The guy finally came out of his gaze and I could feel his eyes on me. My drinks came and I sipped it awkwardly not sure what to do.

Unexpectedly the guy spoke breaking the silence between us.

"Hi I'm Zayn"

I completely froze in disbelief ,that's why I recognised him.Standing before me was Zayn Malik from One Direction.

"Oh my god, y..your Zayn Malik" he laughed at my nervousness.

"I'm Eve " I said shly back.

"Are you here on your own" he said looking concerned.

"No " I pointed to Katie who was dancing crazily on the dancefloor.

Which sent us both into a laughing fit.

**several drinks later**

I was still at the bar in deep conversation with Zayn. I felt like we had know each other for forever. I could feel myself getting more drunk every time I took a sip of my drink.I could tell Zayn was too.


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