Ch. 7 Diagon Alley

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Azalea excitedly walks out of the house with Harry following behind her. Hagrid walked out of the house to keep a close eye on the twins. Severus stood by the door with Petunia. Severus reassured Petunia that the twins would be okay with him and Hagrid. Petunia nods her head as she stayed by the door. She looked forward and watched Severus walked towards Azalea.

" Azalea. We are going to apparate to Diagon Alley. I want you to hold my hand. I don't want you to fall and hurt yourself" Severus looks at Azalea.

" Okay!" Azalea lightly grabs Severus' right hand with her left hand. " Harry hold my hand" She held her right hand out to her baby brother. 

Harry nods his head.

Harry lightly grabs Azalea's right hand with his left hand as he held Hagrid's left hand with his right hand.

Hagrid held both Severus and Harry's hands. 

Severus stayed quiet as he pictured Diagon Alley. He tightly held Azalea's left hand as he lightly grasped Hagrid's right hand. 

With a popping sound, the group apparated in front of Petunia and disappeared before her eyes. 

A few seconds later, the group appeared in an alleyway at Diagon Alley. Azalea quickly let's go of Harry and Severus' hands. Her face becomes green as she pukes on the ground. 

Harry looked at his big sister with a worried expression because he didn't feel sick. 

Severus looks at Azalea with a worried expression as he conjured a mint flavor potion to help her feel better.

" Here drink this," Severus held the potion to Azalea.

Azalea curiously stared at the potion and took the bottle from Severus' grasp. She opens the potion and smells it. She smiles when she breathes in the mint coming from the potion. She drinks the potion and swallows it. She blinks when she quickly feels better. She gives the empty bottle to Severus.

" What is that? It smells and tasted good, but now I feel better," Azalea curiously stares at Severus.

Severus chuckles. 

" I am a Potion Master. It is a simple potion to make you feel better. I know that was your first time apparated, so you would have gotten sick because of the aftershock," Severus explains to her.

Azalea nods her head. 

" I didn't get sick, and it was my first time apparating," Harry tells them. 

Severus turned his head back to look at Harry. He wears an annoyed expression. 

" No one was asking you," Harry tells him.

Harry blushes. 

Harry wears an embarrassed expression.

Azalea coughed a little as some bubbles appeared.

Severus quickly looks away from Harry as he looks at Azalea with a worried expression.

" You okay?" Severus asked her.

" I'm okay," Azalea reassure Severus. " I would like to get my wand first, Severus. May we get that first, please?" She politely asked him.

Severus smiles at Azalea. 

" Of course," Severus tells her. " Hagrid," He turns around to look at Hagrid with a neutral expression. " Azalea and I will be going to Ollivanders first. I know the boy needs money to get his school supplies. So, I suggest you two go to Gringotts Wizarding Bank to get Wizarding money" He tells them.

Hagrid nods his head. 

Azalea looks at Harry and smiles at her. 

" Let me know how it is like," Azalea excitedly tells him.

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