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Chapter 14

“Shut up,” I muttered snuggling into his neck and kissing it lightly.

“This is so romantic” he crooned like a girl.

“Shut up,” I said my voice muffled by his neck.

“Aww….You little cutie…this so romantic!” he exclaimed.

I growled “You think everything is romantic.” I mumbled wrapping my arm around his waist and pulling my body closer to his, I flung my leg over his left leg.

He squealed “This is romantic, your caring for me when I'm ill!” he said coughing at the end.

“Oh my, please shut the hell up.” I said closing my eyes trying to fall asleep in Zaiden’s arms.

He was quiet for a couple of minutes and then he squealed again “My mamacita, is being romantic….” He said sighing at the end.

I growled “Shut up.”

“My novia,” he sighed.

“The charmer’s ball is in five weeks” he said softly “you’re still going with me” he mumbled kissing the side of my jaw.

“If your better by then” I complained.

“I will, I have a tux and everything” he said.

“When are you getting to be out?” I questioned curiously running my finger over his abs.

“Probably two weeks…..mami’ I gotta ask you something” he said.

“Ask away” I said kissing his chest and then resting my head on it listening to his heart beat I closed my eyes.

“Carino,” he said softly “You need to tell me…..Do you like me?” he asked.

My finger froze on his muscular chest “C-course I do” I mumbled.

His hand snaked around my waist “Mamacita,” he said quietly “Do you like like me?” he said.

“N-no.” I said.



“Oh yes.”

“No, no!”

“Oh my-yes, yes”


Zaiden wrapped his strong arms around my waist and pulled me up so I was straddling his waist my hands resting on his chest holding my upper body up.

“You do.” He said.

“N-n-no I don’t!” I exclaimed.

“Yes, you do” he said holding my waist and leaning up and kissing my waist. I knew he was in pain but he grinned.

“You do.” He stated again.

“Fine!” I exclaimed angrily “but that’s because you seduced me!” I said making up lies.

He grinned smugly and rested back down on the bed his face looking relieved.

“How did I seduce you sweetie?” he asked me this time saying the pet name in English and not Spanish.

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