24. Hurt

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THE sun was already shining brightly up there and Jihae was excited to go in the water while Jungkook walked to one of the sunbeds and laid down. "You won't come in the water?" she asked, he shook his head.

"I'll be alone." She pouted. "There are so many people," he said and turned the other side.

Not surprised at his actions and words. She shrugged it off and walked to the swimming pool. She dipped her leg and checked before jumping in the water.

She enjoyed even though she was alone but as more people came, it started becoming kinda crowdy. At least crowdy for her.

Her gaze shifted towards a certain sunbed and there was a girl beside her husband. Both of them were talking and laughing. She felt a weird kind of feeling.


With a frown in her face, she walked towards them. "Jungkook, I'm bored. Let's go back," she said. The other girl gave her a weird and she sent a death glare to that girl.

Her husband ignored her, making her boil in anger. "You're sleeping outside today." She stomped her feet before walking away.

Jungkook sighed and watched her disappear from her sight. "Who's that girl?" The girl asked him. "My wife," he said casually, making the latter widen her eyes.

"You are married?" she asked, knotting her brows. Jungkook shrugged his shoulders. "She is cute," she commented. And he stayed there for a while after the girl walked away with her friends.

The strange thing was that his mind was captured by one person. And it was Jihae. No idea why was he was worried about her for no reason. "Stop worrying about her. She went back to the suite," he scolded himself.

The sun had already went down and people started leaving the pool area. It had been a long time since he stayed here, so he decided to leave as well.

In the suite, he found his wife dressed up as if she was going to a party. "Where are you going?" he asked but got ignored. "Where the hell are you going?" he raised his voice at her.

"There is a dance party for honeymoon couples," Jihae said and walked past him. "Are you going alone?" he stopped her and asked.

"Yes!" she said and walked out of the room, leaving him behind.

No invitation to follow her, so he decided to watch a movie instead. Throughout the time, he tried his best to ignore the fact that Jihae went alone but it didn't last long.

And he was already standing in front of the mirror already ready for the party. He tried several hairstyles but couldn't choose any, so he decided to leave it like that even if he wasn't satisfied.

Nervously, he walked to the hall only to find his wife in the corner alone with a drink in her hand. He walked to her and sat across the table. A waiter walked to their table offered a drink to Jungkook and he accepted.

Both of them ignored each other and watched the couples dancing in the slow music. "Why are you here?" Jihae asked. "I'm not here for you," Jungkook said.

"I know." She rolled her eyes and looked away

And they got an invitation to have a dance. Jihae was about to reject but Jungkook accepted, leaving her in confusion. "You want to dance with me?" she scoffed.

"I want to DANCE, not with YOU," Jungkook said and walked to the dance floor. There he danced alone in between the couples. Jihae silently laughed at him.

Soon enough, Jihae was already in the dance floor. "You are making fun of yourself," she said and stopped him. Then she grabbed his hand and wrapped them around her waist before placing her hands on his shoulders.

"You seem like you just saw a ghost," she giggled at his expression. "Yeah, I'm dancing with a ghost. A ghost named Jihae," he said and rolled his eyes.

"Bear with this ghost for a few months until we get divorced," Jihae said with a bitter smile.

Those words somehow hurt him inside for some reason. "I see you're eagerly waiting for our divorce." He removed his hand from her waist and left the dance floor, leaving her dumbfounded.


A quick glance and he dashed out of the hall. He was hurt by hearing her words, even if what she said was the truth. Those words only made him think that his first decision was right, about maintaining distance with her.

Since the moment he realized that he was starting to develop feelings for her, he did try several times to stay away from her but something always pulled him back to her. But now he had to resist this pulling back as well.

The feelings must not get deeper or else he would be the one getting hurt and to be left alone again.

Whatever he had experienced was never easy for him. No matter how hard he tried to act strong but he was already broken inside. He wasn't strong as he showed outside. Not after that certain incident.

Jihae walked back to the suite and searched for him. She saw him walking out of the bathroom. "We're going back to Korea tomorrow," he said with a forced smile.

"Why so soon?" she asked. "You want to stay more?" he asked, with a straight face.

"Yes- I mean no."

Jungkook ignored her, making the situation awkward. "Jungkook," she called his name and he hummed in response. "Why did you leave like that?" she suddenly asked.

"I was bored."


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