I jumped out and landed on the ground. I didn't know I got shot at the arm.

The last thing I saw was Aiden running towards me and black little dots.

Chapter 12- Am I In Heaven?

Heather's P.O.V.

I opened my eyes and I squinted at something bright.

Where am I?

Am I in heaven-?

"She's awake! She's awake!"

"Ugh, where am-," then I remembered. The house. The prank. The gunshot. The pyscho. And AIDEN.

"I have to get out of here!"

I jumped ouy of bed, but then I moaned in pain. My wound.

"Heather! Heather, stop. You're hurt." Zach made me forget that I was hurt.

"How about the bad guy?!! I knew he wanted to kill me-! He even shot me!" I screeched.

"That was not a bad guy! That was me-?." he questioned.

"But how about the gunshot."

"I threw a book at you-?"

I glared at him because because he was lying. I was suppose to argue back, but I didn't because I was too tired or weak to get angry at him.

I sat down on the bed and laid my head. Wait.

Why was it so quiet?

Zach was here, but HE was not here. My heart broke because Zach was here, not him.

"Where's Aiden?"

Aiden's P.O.V.

That Mother fucker! He hurt Heather!

I was pacing around thinking about the plan. What was the plan all about?

Oh yeah.

Kill Nathan.

The phone rang and I downstairs. The house was still dirty and things were broken.

Why was Heather part of Nathan's scheme?


"Well, well, well. If it isn't the f*cking twerp. How ya doin-,"

"Get to the point Nathan." I gripped the phone hard ready to destroy everything pieces.

"I told you to watch out Aiden. She's really going to get hurt."

"Don't you dare hurt her!"

"Sure, but if you're not giving my money back, I'll kill-,"

"I NEVER took your money!"

"Yeah right." he snorted.

"Look, just tell me what you need." 

"I want my 1 MILLION dollars back."

"And how the fuck will I get that amount of money?!"

"I heard that Heather has a lot mon-,"

"NO! I'm not using her!"

Who do does he think he is?!

"Then I'm afraid I have to kill her."

"Don't you dare hurt her or even touch her!'

"Think about it Aiden. If I were you, I rather get the money FROM her instead of KILLING her."

He ended the phone call.

What should I do?

I went up and went to my room. Heather was in the guest room with Zach. I got my phone and texted Zach.

Zach, go to my room. Tell Heather to wait.

After mintues of waiting, Zach barged in and slammed the door.

"Nathan just called me a few minutes ago."

"What did he say"

"He told me I have to give him his 1 million back or else he's going to kill her."

"So what should you do?"

"What should I do?! I have to get 1 million and I don't have enough money! He even told me to steal money from Heather since she's rich!"

"Well, where else can we look for the money?" Zach glanced at me. I sighed and sat down.

"Dude, you have to decide." Zach mumbled and left.

Should I steal money from her?


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