Serene: I

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Joy slowly crept inside the meeting room holding out the printed programs that she was tasked to give out. Year end activities for the school year were laid out and was the primary agenda of the meeting. Her head was hung as she stealthily gave each person a copy of the meeting agenda and plan; trying to be as inconspicuous as possible while the vice president presided over the council.

"As for the theme it'll be a masquerade discussed in the previous meetings..." his voice drifted to Joy' s ears as eyes drifted to the man who owns the voice - A voice that soothed and sounded like a lullaby.

He was in front of the room his uniform neatly ironed, all buttoned up save for the two on top where his necktie should be, a navy blue vest on top of his white long sleeved uniform, emphasizing his broad shoulders, his hair was expertly combed, his lips were plump, full and pinkish . Just by looking at the man, you'd know that he will smell good - A pleasing treat for the eyes, ears and nose.

Joy wasn't immune to that, each time she would look at their vice president and it would seem that she's seeing him for the first time. She isn't the only person enamored, it seemed that everyone in their school will forever be, as all the girls and guys alike have a silent consensus - the vice president will be off limits. Like an exhibit in a museum, beautiful to look at but can never be touched:

That's Kim Seokjin,

Everyone's but never anyone's.

Well except for,

"Does anyone have anymore questions?" A rhythmic voice asked, calm but firm, a consensus of shooked heads followed.



Ah. She called.

"Yes, Pres.?"

"Was everyone given their copies?" The girl said, gently but firmly, a subtle smile crossed her face as she looked at Joy.

"Yes." Joy responded, breathily. Aside from Jin there is another person who could snatch away girls' and boy's hearts alike.

Student council president: Bae Joohyun.

"Thanks Secretary Park." Jin nodded in her general direction giving her a nod which she curtly returned before proceeding on seating herself in front together with the two council officers.

"If you have questions your internal relations officer, that's me," Jin pointed at himself, "I'll answer them." He looked around the room like an eager puppy. His true personality was, contrary to his image, really warm and friendly, but everyone took his perfect exterior as a reason to fence him out - thinking that he's untouchable.

That made him more endearing for Joy - or Secretary Park as he would call her. It is still a mystery how anyone could miss those compassionate eyes, those small genuine smiles, those windshield wiper laughs, those old-man jokes and just box him as some kind of god who descended upon the earth. But more than that exterior - which undoubtly Joy would say is actually godly - It was more of his eagerness for everything and anything that makes him special, he would always give his best efforts in everything that he does, he just won't be a free loader.

So when the room was silent, Joy was eyeing the council officers, willing anyone to speak up, to just ask a question, anything to never wipe away the sparkle in the eyes of the man in front. But no one did and she clenched a fist on her notes.

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