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@WWNews: Harry Styles has announced that a new cover is coming up! Called 'Burned Hearts' featuring @SelenaGomez and they will be recording it with, @MixnMatchMusic. And we know exactly why his song has that kind of title like that (; Some of his fans are going nuts on the fact that his featuring singer is Selena Gomez, saying she was the one that troubled Riley Tomlinson and Styles relationship, so they are not really happy with that. But some of us are fine we that and know just how much we want Selena Gomez and Harry Styles to date. [GET THE DETAILS ON TOMORROW MORNINGS RADIO - LIVE rs 7]


@WWDIRECTIONERS: ohhh this sounds fun!

@mentionstyles: ^^^wtf how?

@rileypiley: this picture just blessed my eyeballs.

@queenselena: their gonna date! their gonna date!

@harriley: my ship won't come true...

@stylesmafia: ^^^hun there are a billion and one ships out there go get em instead.




─██─▀██▄██▀─▀█▄█▀─██▀█        u guys.


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