Magic Dreams

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Here We Go Again

Chapter 3: Magic Dreams

POV: Rose

I was standing center stage. Lorcan Scamander stood beside me, smiling brightly at me. I stuffed my hands into the pocket of my robes, clenching them into fists just as I returned the smile. I liked the guy on most days, even after all these years, but I wanted to take him down.

"The results are in," Mum said from the podium, looking away from the camera flashes and our family all lined up at the front of the audience. Scorpius sat next to Dad, both reaching for the other's hand, grasping tightly as Mum continued with, "The next Minister of Magic is—"


My dream was torn away from me as my eyes abruptly opened, dissolving my desired future into nothingness. Emily peered down at me, shaking my shoulders before tugging on my arm, forcing me to sit up.

"Stop, stop," I whined, slapping her hold away from me. "I almost beat him! I almost won Minister of Magic over Lorcan!"

"Lorcan doesn't even want to be Minister of Magic," Emily said with a tone that suggested that was more than obvious, like that was something I should have known about the Ravenclaw Scamander twin. "He's going to be a Naturalist, just like Luna and his father was."

I groaned, throwing myself back down at the warm comfort my four-poster always provided me. I covered my eyes from the beautiful, harsh morning light with the weight of my left forearm. "I don't care, Em. I just want to go back to sleep and beat him for the title I so rightly deserve."

Emily was not about to let me, though. She grabbed my hand again, tugging, just as the door of our dormitory burst open. James came stumbling in, cursing as he struggled with the blonde girl in his arms. 

"Nia!" I scrambled out of bed, hurrying to help James as he carelessly dropped her on the nearest open bed.  "What happened?"

Nia's only response was a loud, painful moan.  I put the back of my hand to her sweaty, pale forehead. She let out another sob, like my action added to her miserable circumstance. 

"She's been sick since yesterday night," said Emily as James moved to her side. Both grimaced at Nia, one out of sympathy and the other out of disgust as he wiped his hands fervently on the material of his trousers. "I figured she was doing better since I woke up and saw her bed was empty. But I went to the girls lavatory on the first floor and found her clinging to the toilet. I think she's been vomiting for hours."

"And being the wonderful, amazing human being that she is, my girlfriend saved her life," James said, his arm now finding its way around Emily's shoulders. He pulled her in a little closer to him, pressing a tender kiss on her temple. It made Emily blush until he then pecked her lips.

Nia let out a louder groan as she kicked a leg in their direction. "Stop," she managed to say, "I'll throw up again." 

James scoffed at her, aiming a kick of his own. 

"How'd you even make it into the girls dormitories?" I asked my cousin, pushing him a few steps further from Nia. "McGonagall reinforced the wards after Dominique got pregnant last year."

Before the words, "Why, dear ol' Uncle George thought of everything to help us this year" left his mouth, the smirk on his face told me exactly that. There was only one person reckless enough to defy Minerva McGonagall for the mere sake of rule-breaking. 

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