Misty Poems

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Author: CandeMarina

Genre: Poems

1. I find the cover to fit very well with the poems and title. When I saw the cover, I instantaneously expected a poetry book. The photo on the cover is subtle and the mist in the background matches the title "Misty Poems."

2. I can't give much feedback on the writing and language used in the poems, as they are entirely based on personal preference and creativity. However, I can confidently say that each poem is realistic and relatable to the audience in one way or another. 

3. I did notice one grammar mistake in the last poem: "Sorry Doesn't Cut it." It is easy to misuse the word "your" (It's a common mistake that I make as well; I have to consciously think about what I'm typing when I write), and I noticed that you wrote "your sorry," rather than "you're sorry." Besides this, there is absolutely nothing about your poems that I would change! Just keep an eye out for small mistakes like this in the future. The rest is lovely!

The first poem in particular is extremely relatable to hundreds of people, specifically the younger crowd. I find it incredibly easy to fall into society's norms and conform to people's expectations. "Alternate Universe" is a prime example of how people feel and how they wish the world worked. I really enjoy how the poem is written in free verse, yet it doesn't sound forced or unnatural when it is read. Other poems, on the other hand, are written with plenty of rhyming words, such as "Assassins." I think the variety in the poems and styles are bound to attract many readers, as everybody can find something appealing and relatable. 

Anybody who is interested in poetry and relatable quotes will love this story!

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