thrity-three ➶ breakthrough and overdue

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"Who are you!?" Ally yelled as I ordered one of my favorite foods off the menu.

A burger topped with Swiss cheese and Canadian bacon with a Bavarian pretzel bun and sweet potato fries. It was mouth watering but everyone didn't agree with me.

What a shame.

"You guys are just too boring." I scoffed.

They all had a collective eye roll and I just laughed at them and their antics. It didn't take to long after that when our food came and everyone dug in.

I had one bite before my stomach gave out and I wasn't hungry anymore. I don't know why, but lately I've felt even worse than before, my stomach always doing twists and turns and my head always pounding from massive headaches.

What's going on?

Adam must have caught on because he wrapped his arms round my shoulders and brought me closer. "Are you Okay?" He whispered so no one else could hear him.

I nodded and he smiled in response before going back to his hamburger that was twice the size of my face.

"So, Homecoming is tomorrow." Summer started. "Where are we meeting and where are we eating?"

"I say we eat here, this food is sooo gooood." Emma moaned with food in her mouth, a sight I wish I could un-see.

"I agree." Allison said while whipping mustard off the corner of her mouth.

"And meet?" Summer asked once again.

The planner as always.

"How about my house?" Adam suggested which caught everyone by surprise. It wasn't like he was friends with everyone, but it was new to us that he w our actually talk to any of us.

Let alone date one of us.

"It's settled than! Adam's house to meet up at around 4:30 and than to come here and eat!" Summer said excitedly, clapping her hands together like a walrus.

"Can't wait." I muttered, my stomach still feeling like it's going to swallow itself.

Adam was too observant for his own good because he grabbed my hand and tugged me out of the booth we were sitting in. "We are going to get going." He stated before plopping a one hundred dollar bill on the table and helping me out of the diner.

"You don't have to do this Adam." I muttered as we wobbled to his truck.

He stopped short of the curb and turned towards me. "God damn it May, let me help you." He growled.

I was taken aback by his tone. "It's okay, really."

His body was shaking at this, the anger boiling to the surface and I knew right away that I had touched a nerve within him. "You think I don't care? I do May, please let me help you!" He yelled, catching the attention of some people walking into the diner.

I shook my head. "I refuse to let you not have fun when I'm around, go ahead and go back. I'll be fine Adam." I said, putting my hand on his bicep only for him to flinch.

He pulled away from my touch almost instantly. "You think I'm going to make that mistake again? Last time you drove like this you almost died. Like hell I'll let that happen to the girl I love again."

I stopped short of what I was going to say when I heard the last words. He loved me? "You love me?" I asked slowly and he finally looked down at me and without hesitation pulled me into an embrace.

"God damn it Sunshine, I love you."

"I love you too Adam."


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