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We've been back home for a week now. I've been a little busy with handling work so Milo stayed at home most of the time. I had a lot of interviews to deal with and I wanted to finish them fast in time for my break. Right now, I just got home only to witness a messy child running around.

"Milo how'd you get so messy?" I laughed out, kicking off my heels. He stopped running and turned to me with a big smile.

"I fell on da mud mama." He giggled out, "Was playing with Batman!" I chuckled and called out for my babysitter. I hired her a few days ago to keep an eye on Milo while I was gone.

"How was he Ashley?" I asked the teenager who shrugged.

"He was fine, ate his food, took his nap." She answered and smiled. "How was work?"

"It was fine, thank you for checking over him." I thanked her and she saluted.

"No problem, see you tomorrow Milo." She waved at him and he waved back with a smile. I was happy he liked her. That meant she was actually good to him. Ashley left and I held Milo's hand.

"You need a bath mister." I said and he huffed but nodded. I led him upstairs and to the bathroom. Filling up the tub, I got him undress and in the tub.

"Mama, can I have my toys?" He asked.

"Sure baby, just don't splash on Mama." I said and he nodded. I tossed his bath toys with him and got up. "Mama's gonna go change and come back."

"Okay." He hummed out, playing with his Octopus toy.

I went and changed into my sweats. I wiped all the make up off my face and tied my hair into a messy bun. I headed back to the bathroom and sat by the tub.

"You're so messy." I commented, washing his body. He shrugged and I continued to wash him.

After the bath, I wrapped Milo in a towel and carried him to his room. Placing him down, I dried him up.

"Oh my god, where's Milo?" I gasped while drying his hair. "There he is!" I got the towel off him and he giggled, smiling wide. I dried his hair a bit more and sat him down on his bed.

"Mama's having her friends over and their kids." I told him and he nodded. "The kids are your age and they are super friendly and love hugs, okay buddy?"

"Hugs?" He grinned and I laughed. This little guy sure loved hugs. I changed him into a sleeveless hoodie and some shorts.

	"Mama's little boy looks so cute!" I smiled and he blushed, covering his face

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"Mama's little boy looks so cute!" I smiled and he blushed, covering his face. I picked him up and twirled him around, causing him to grab on me. "Alright baby, let's go play with your new puzzle while they get here." He nodded and I carried him downstairs.

We sat in the living room and I took out the puzzle, placing it in front of us. He took it out and started to put the pieces together. Ella and Batman ran in and Ella laid on my lap. Batman took his spot next to Milo and we continued to do the puzzle together.

An hour later, I heard the doorbell ring so I went to open the door, knowing it'll be the girls. When I saw them, I gave each one of them a big hug. Especially the little ones.

"C'mon in." I led them to the living room and Milo stood up when he saw us. He walked over to me and held my hand, looking at the girls. "Milo, these are Mama's friends. That's Auntie Normani and Dinah with their baby girl Kehlani but you can call her Lani. And that's Auntie Camila and Ally with their daughter Lauren. She's your age." Milo nodded at them and smiled a bit.

"Hi." He said shyly, waving at them. Little Lauren waved back at him and giggled. She was in Camila's arms. Dinah was carrying baby Lani who was only 2 years old.

Camila placed Lauren down and Lauren walked over to Milo who just hid his face shyly. Lauren held out her hand to him.

"Hi." She smiled and I couldn't help but awe at them.

~~~~~Milo's P.O.V

I looked at Lauren and smiled at her, holding her hand.

"You my best frien' now." She nodded her head and gave me a big hug. I giggled and hugged her back.

"Why is this so cute like bruh why don't you do that with me?" Auntie Dinah turned to the rest.

"So Demi, how's that new album coming up?" Auntie Normani turned to Mama. I held Lauren's hand and led her to my playroom. Mama made this room last week and it was really cool.

"Slides?" She asked and I nodded. We climbed onto the slide I had and she went down first. I slid after her and fell on top of her, making us both giggle.

We played all the games I had, the slide, the climbing, the monkey bars and we went under the big fort that I did yesterday with Mama. We sat next to each other and played with my stuffed Dinos. She named one of my Dino's Koda. We played and played until Mama and Auntie Ally came in.

"Alright monkeys, it's time for food and then we're going to watch a movie." Auntie Ally said.

"Lion King Mommy?!" Lauren squealed, jumping up and down. Auntie Ally chuckled and shook her head.

"We'll see baby, now let's go eat."

Mama and Auntie Ally led us to the dining room. We ate chicken nuggets and fries. Lauren and I tossed food at each other which made Mama and Auntie Camila scold us. Kehlani sat next to me with Auntie Dinah and I got her to giggle. She was really cute and I wanna hug her! Mama said she'll play with us when we're watching the movie.

When Lauren and I finished eating, we ran back to the playroom and got the Dinos. I got Fred and Cody while Lauren got Koda. We went to the movie room and Mama and Auntie were holding pajamas to us.

"Let's get you guys changed." Mama said and we both got changed into our pajamas. I giggled because we were matching! And even with baby Lani! We sat down next to each other and I gave Lani a Dino. She clapped her hands and hugged the Dino tight.

"That's Cody Lani." I commented and she smiled.

"Cody." She repeated and I nodded. "Cody fluffy." I giggled and nodded.

Mama put on a movie and I saw that it was Lilo and Stitch. It was my favorite! Lauren and I laid on our big pillows and Auntie Normani put Lani in between us.

~~~~Demi's P.O.V

"They fell asleep." I whispered to the girls when the movie ended. Lauren, Lani and Milo were fast asleep next to each other, cuddled up.

"I don't have the heart to pick them up." Camila pouted at Ally.

"Me too." Dinah commented, cooing at her baby girl.

"You guys could always sleep over, it'll be like old times." I said and the mothers smiled.

"Yes! Having a chance to prank you three? Heck yeah!" Dinah cheered and we shushed her to be quiet.

Just like old times, this felt nice.


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