Sasuke Uchiha x Daughter! Reader. - Be Careful.

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Sasuke had been slightly excited for you to go on your first mission with your team. This mission, he then realized, was outside of the village. Then the raven haired man remembered his first ( exciting ) mission was outside the village and he and his best friend Naruto almost died. He obviously didn't want this to happen to you, so he had a talk with your sensei.

"Don't worry. It's just a escort mission. (Y/n) and the rest of her team will come back just safe and sound." The blonde haired sensei told him. Tonesei was a very strong ninja, but still. It was Sasuke's job to make sure you were safe.

Your teacher had told you about your fathers concerns. It made you confused. Your father seemed pretty uninterested in the fact that you were going out. You decided to ask your pink haired mother about it.

"Sasuke tends to keep those kind of feelings tucked away. But he does care. You two are really similar because of that." It was true. You tended to keep to yourself and only had a small number of friends. Friends consisting of, Inojin, ChouChou, Mitsuki, Shikadai, and Toga.

Although most of your friends were slightly older, you were still close. And like your father you have a crazy and optimistic friend. Toga Himiko. The blonde girl was completely insane, but you still loved her.

You understood now and decided to write your father a letter before you left.

Lets just say after Sasuke read the short but meaningful letter you wrote he wasn't so worried.

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