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I looked at her as she leaned away, our foreheads touching. S-she kissed me. Oh my god. She kisses me. Does this mean what I think this means.

"Wynter... I-I remember... this. You." She started crying. I immediately pull her into me as she sobbed into the crook of my neck. "B-but I still... still don't remember everything." I caresses her hair holding her close.

"Its going to be okay Tim Tam. I promise." I just held her close, her sobs becoming quieter and her breathing became soft snores. I smiled down at her and picked her up walking towards the car.

"I guess you got what you want." I put Tami down in the car and close the door turning towards Victoria.

"I always had a bad feeling about you. Now I know why you've come here." She cocks her head to the side, a wicked smile placed on her lips.

"I have no clue what your talking about, Wynter." I glare at her.

"If you hurt Tami again, watch your back. I don't think Ruby would be happy if she knew what you did now." She hissed, flipping her fake blonde hair.

"Just watch me. I'm gonna ruin yout life Wynter. You don't deserve anything after what you did to me in freshman year." I roll my eyes.

"That's in the past Vic. I thought you would of gotten over it by now. It was a drunken mistake."

"That wasn't a mistake! It was deliberate. You ruined me and now I'm gonna ruin you! And your little girlfriend." With that she stormed away and I sighed watching her.

"You know your sister wouldn't want this." I called after her. I could see her back tense her hands clenching at her sides.

"You have no right to speak of my sister! No right! What you did... I can't accept that. She's not the same after what you did! It destroyed us! Me!" Tears were in her eyes and I looked away and walked to my side of the car and buckled in.

"And you had no right to blame me. That fire never would of happened if you told me to stay away from her." With that I drove away, knowing the Victoria had fallen to her knees watching my car.

I do regret some of my past. But Victoria had no right to bust in my life and ruin my life. Victoria was the one at fault who caused that fire. All I did was see my girlfriend for the last time before I fly here for school and she got mad and caused a fire. I saved Savannah. I saved Victoria. What else does she want from Me? I left my relationship with Savannah because we were falling out of love. I can't help that plus I was moving.

I just... I don't understand why she's here. And she needs to stop meddling in my life before I loose Tami again. I got her back and I can't... the thought of loosing her kills me.

I look towards Tami, her head is against the window as she sleeps. She looks so peaceful. I lean over and kiss her cheek before driving through the green lights.

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