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Chapter Four

It had been three days. She had not been allowed to leave the room and a maid was forever present to aid her in whatever took her fancy, anything that is except activities involving removing herself from the ‘safety’ of the bed.  

It seemed John had left explicit instructions concerning her welfare yet deigned it unimportant to check on her wellbeing since he had left the room in search of food for her. The food of course had been sent up, but her rescuer had vanished.  

Her frustration mounted to new peaks as the fourth day went by with her confined to the bed and the lack of concern her rescuer showed her. Turning on her side Emma stared thoughtfully towards the window and looked at the starry, clear, night sky beyond. 

A sigh left her slightly red lips, turning into an icy fog in the unbearably cold room. The fire had gone out, but she found she could not remove herself from the comfort and warmth of the bed to ignite it yet again.  

Burying her head deeper into the many fur blankets atop her she did not hear the soft click of the door as it opened. Her shivering further prevented her from feeling the dip in the bed as someone sat on the side.  

“It’s cold tonight, too cold. I suppose I should say what I have come to say, should I not? I’m sorry you have lost your family. I did what I could, but even my influence proves worthless.” 

Emma stilled at once. He didn’t notice. It seemed as though he wasn’t talking to her, she let him carry on without a word.  

“Family is family. I don’t really know what the word means, but years have taught me the word holds great importance. I have debated over the last few days how to give you this particular news. Mayhap I should be a man, a true man and tell you when you are fully conscious. I suppose I shall when my courage decides to come back. It tends to desert me when it is most needed.” 

He finished with a chuckle and as if it was waiting its chance a cold breeze blew through the bed chamber. Emma shivered uncontrollably and whimpered into the blankets. His hand instantly came over her shoulder, but just as soon it was removed and not a minute later the door clicked once again. 

Her confusion grew, she had nowhere to go, and she belonged no place. What was she to do? Surely, this man would keep her only for however long he blamed himself for her apparent foolishness before he booted her to the street.  

Tears slipped down her cheeks and she turned to face the door. A yelp left her mouth as she came face to face with John. What on earth was he still doing here? Her shock stole away any words she may have uttered in this instance. 

“I’m sorry, I thought you were asleep. You were supposed to be asleep, in fact. This does not bode well for me, I gather?” 

He then frowned at her like she was the one intruding on him while he slept!  

“John, what on earth are you doing here at this time of the night?” 

“It’s cold.” 

“That doesn’t answer my question.” 

“Did you…did…what I mean is….how long have you been awake?” 

“I was never asleep.” 

“Oh dear lord.” 

“That’s right.” 

His frown deepened and he looked positively miserable. Emma felt pity for him and sought to relieve him of his worry. 

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