38. Burned Out

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I stood, balancing myself on the Oliphaunt's head and shot double arrows into its skull. The creature growled before it fell. I slid down its trunk, landing on both my feet on the ground, meeting Gimli's stare. Satisfaction filled me at the sight of the dwarf fuming.

"That still only counts as one!" he exclaimed in protest.

I smirked at the dwarf's stubbornness and snorted under my breath. Even if he didn't count the monstrous creature as a score, I would still beat him and slay more opponents than the dwarf.

I moved with ease as I shot arrows at my enemies, counting my kills out loud; my elven senses heightened, aiding me in battle.

Then the oddest thing took place. The ground beneath me shook and I saw in the distant with my enhanced sight that something that looked like tree roots sprung up from the ground, curling itself at one of the Oliphaunt's ivory trunk and sent the creature and its riders falling to the ground.

For a moment I thought my eyes were deceiving me; but it was impossible. Could it be the Ents had come to our aid and fought for us? How was that possible that they traveled here?

Then I felt strong magic in the air.

Gandalf must have done this. Still, how was that possible? The wizard was indeed powerful, but not to this extent.

I planted my arrow into the skull of a masked men that approached me from behind with my bare hands before pulling it away and shot it to an incoming opponent.

The battle went on and on; with the help of the Dead Men of Dunharrow, the battle soon turned its favor on us. We were winning. 

By now some of the undead army went sweeping inside the city of Minas Tirith, killing any stray enemies inside.

As I looked at the city, the ground shook again; this time a tree root was taking down one of the last Oliphaunts to the ground, and the undead was finishing it.

My eyes traveled further in front of the creature; Eomer stood and fought in front of a crouching figure. I squinted my eyes to see further and my heart went up to my throat.

What on Arda was Leane doing in the battle?! By the Valar!

I ran to her direction, taking out every one that dare stand in my way.

A man approached her from the side with his sword raised to attack her; fear flashed through me as I brought my arrow to fire at him.

Suddenly Leane moved swiftly, facing her attacker and blocked his attack with her sword. Her movement fluid and agile as she dodged, block and attack her enemy. Soon the man fell to the ground and she went back to her crouching position, her palm on the ground as her eyes fixed on the Oliphaunt that was now struggled against the ever growing tree roots on its feet.

A sense of pride washed over me as I saw Leane' form, her eyes swirling with blue as she worked her power against our enemy.

I had been fearing for her life all this time and were trying my best to confine her, keeping her safe. I had underestimated her. Yet now I saw her with a new light.

She was a warrior. A beautiful warrior.

I was making my way towards her when I heard Estel called out my name. Another Oliphaunt came into view.

I hesitated briefly, weighing down my choices. I wanted badly to go to Leane but my friends needed me here, and Leane seemed to be handling it well on her own.

I backed away from Leane and faced the hostile creature that threatened my friends.

The sunlight slowly coming back to shine on the field as darkness lifted. As the battlefield cleared down, we were face to face once again with the army of the undead.

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