Ch.4: Joining The Devil's Advocate

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"I think we need a key for the gate," Danny tells her. "I'm fairly sure it's in the examination room I was in. I was in the process of looking for it when I heard some steps- your arrival."

The two hadn't made it far at all. Of course, a large gate blocked them from passing through the hall to continue on to the exit. The doctor, however, had already anticipated this.

Ray follows him into the room, mulling over the chances of his presence in her head. Surely it can't be just a coincidence that he would be here, right? For her, and her therapist, to end up in this same hellish situation... who could be responsible for this?

Not to mention she doesn't like the idea of the killer from the floor below somehow finding his way up here. The elevator had seemed to stop functioning once she had reached B5, but could he reactivate it?

She doesn't want to find out.

"Go ahead, look around- it has to be here somewhere," Danny instructs her, moving off to scour some shelves. Left to her own devices, she eyes the room, hesitantly beginning to scan it for signs of the key.

It seems no different than any ordinary hospital room. An untouched cot sits in the far right corner, hidden away by a divider. Regular medical equipment as well as some medication sits collecting dust in a glass case nearby, and when she moves to inspect it, the doctor stops her.

"This equipment is old," he informs her, frowning a little. "It's a good idea to keep your hands off it. You don't want your eyes to get hurt, right?"

She nods, a little perturbed by the strange comment, but takes his word for it. She'd be no help to anyone if she got hurt.

His comment about eyes, however, makes something about the room painfully obvious. While she looks high and low for the key, more and more similarities to the equipment and procedures start connecting.

All of this equipment and research, it seems to be for... eye surgeries? All of it has something to do with eyes...

It's a little creepy, to be frank, but she attempts to pay it no mind. She digs around near a small metal desk with another computer on it, and something shining on the seat catches her attention. The key.

"Nice job, Rachel. I'm pretty sure I was sitting there." Without warning, the doctor comes up behind her, nearly causing her to jump. She turns around to look at him, and he reaches out to take the key, placing it into his pocket.

"You didn't try to escape?" She blinks, the question slipping out before she can stop it. His brows knit together, but he offers a smile.

"Well, I was worried about you... Besides, you've got a good head on your shoulders. I knew you'd make it this far. Come on, let's get that gate open, shall we?"

Danny's already pulling her along before she can say much at all. Still, the way he spoke sounded so... odd. Like he had been expecting her to arrive. But that's not possible, right?

He woke up recently he said, and- wait... Didn't he say he had the key in his pocket before it had been lost? A lot of confusing questions light up in her mind, but she swipes them away, trying to make the most out of such a negative situation. At least he's someone she's familiar with, and can trust. That's what matters. Doubting him like this isn't going to do anything but make her more paranoid than before.

Now in front of the gate, the therapist dips the key into the lock and gives it a turn, easily opening it. He smiles at her, replacing the key into his coat and extending a hand her way.

"Maybe the exit is further toward the back? Let's proceed... With caution," he tacks on.

"R-right." She nods, and lightly takes his hand in hers. His large hand encompasses hers easily, in a grip a little too tight, but his friendly gaze stops her from protesting.

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