37. Fate's A Bitch

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Life sucked.

You know why I said that? Because I was being truthful when I told my friends that I wasn't gonna get into any trouble; yet fate proved to be a bitch.

That night I saw another vision as I was deep in slumber.

The riders of Rohan was lining up towards Minas Tirith, facing thousands of incoming orcs and men rallied by Saruman. The sound of battle cries boomed as the war horn was blown, signaling the beginning of war.

The riders of Rohan came swiftly, sweeping thousands of foes; they got the advantage since Rohan armies were all on horses while the orcs were on foot.

We were winning. The armies of orcs sent fleeing for their lives in confusion and fear. Rohan fought vigorously.

Then about two dozen of Oliphaunts,a kind of monstrous version of mammoths came marching into the battlefield, their riders sounding the war horn. They came proudly as they marched on to confront the riders of Rohan, who reformed their line under their king's order, readying themselves to face their giants.

The Oliphaunts' giant trunks hit the ground and squashed everything in their paths, all of them were riders of Rohan and their horses, who were nothing but bugs in their eyes.

The eagle's eyes zoomed in to see closer to the ground. I saw Merry and Eowyn fell from their horse. They were sent flying to the ground. Eowyn was screaming Merry's name, yet the hobbit was nowhere to be found.

Merry slowly opened his eyes and got up. He fought hard. Then when he was fighting an enemy whose half of his face was covered by a red fabric, a horse was sent flying towards him as it was being kicked by the giant Oliphaunt's feet. The horse hit Merry and sent him flying to the ground.

The sound of Merry's scream alerted Eowyn as she thrusts her sword into an enemy's gut. She ran for Merry, and got to his side.

"My leg is pinned," said Merry in pain, half of his body was pinned underneath the dead stallion's body.

"On my count," she replied hastily, "When I push, use all your might to get your feet off of the horse!"

Eowyn turned her back and killed an incoming orc then crouched back down to push the stallion's body away from Merry's.

Merry struggled and eventually got out, but as he stood his eyes widened in horror as he exclaimed in warning to Eowyn at an incoming foe– but it was too late.

A sword impaled Eowyn's body as she turned to raise her sword at her attacker. A piercing scream escaped Merry's lips as Eowyn fell to the ground. Her expression blanked and her pupils dilated.

The scene changed. 

I saw the Ringwraith riding a Nazgul, the dark, dragon-like creature, facing Theoden King, whose body was pinned under his own horse.

"Feast on his flesh," said the faceless Ringwraiths in cold, dark, horrible voice to his dragon. There was no one to save the king; no one to defeat the Nazgul and its rider. The evil creature roared before it dipped its razor-like teeth on the fallen king of Rohan. Blood sputtered from his neck as it snapped with a crack and the king's head rolled off the ground.

Now Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas were facing the Ringwraiths. They fought bravely, yet none of them could beat it. Gimli planted an axe on the Ringwraith, and an agonized scream fled the dwarf's lips at the contact. He held his arm in his hand.

"Gimli!" Legolas exclaimed as he shot arrows after arrows. Aragorn was clashing swords with the Ringwraith, but soon his strength failed him and he fell to the ground. The Ringwraith let out an evil laugh.

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