36. Ghostbusters

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Lord Elrond came and talked with Aragorn in private inside the king's tent. The elf seemed very calm and impassive, yet I knew his heart was tremendously troubled. He must worried very much about Arwen, and came here to give Aragorn the reforged sword of Narsil– the sword of the king, and to urged him to take his rightful place as Isildur's heir.

True to my prediction, Aragorn came out bearing the sheathed sword and sat on a rock. His eyes were distant and cold. I put a comforting hand on his shoulder and took a seat on the ground beside his feet.

"So you're going into the creepy cave to meet the captain of the dead," I said lightly with a smile.

"I do not know yet..."

Aragorn was stunned for a split second when he answered me before his expression turned assertive, as if I was about to do a very stupid thing. "You are staying," he told me sternly.

I brought both my palms up in surrender and smirked, "Going into the creepy cave to confront an army of zombies? No, thanks," I smiled cheekily as Aragorn's lips upturned into a small smile in amusement.

"What's a zombie?" 

"That's what they call the undead back in my world. They made great movies about them. Resident Evil, The Walking Dead... Never mind," I blurted suddenly when I realized that I was ranting and that Aragorn was not following. By now he looked at me with a brow arched in inquiry and I waved him away.

"Another story for another time," I promised him. He seemed content with my answer and went back to stare at the distant.

I lowered my wall and picked up his doubt and fear. Not fear of death, but fear of failure.

"Do not fret. I believe in you and you will succeed, Aragorn. Like you always managed to do. I know you were the one who pushed the king to keep on fighting when his hope was low, hence brought victory back in Helm's Deep," I told him after I turned my head around to make sure no one was listening.

"T'was nothing what I did back then. We had won because the Rohirrim came to our rescue. All I did was staying alive."

"And keeping the king alive in the process. Give yourself some credit for it," I arched up my brows at him and smirked as I retorted his humble denial of the good he'd done. Aragorn replied with a weak smile and nodded.

"What if I fail? What will become of Arwen and the people of Rohan?"

"What if you fail to try?" I asked him back without skipping a beat.

Silence hung between us for a couple of minutes before Aragorn finally stood and offered his hand to help me up.

"Hannon le, mellon nin," he finally said, "For everything."

I hugged him tightly in return and told him.

"No problem, mellon," I smiled widely, "Just... come back alive okay? And bring the others in one piece as well." 

"They're not coming. Don't tell them," he ordered me sternly. Then his eyes softened as his eyes twinkled in humor. "Rest assured that your elf prince won't have to risk his life unnecessarily and leave your side again."

I blushed furiously at the mention of Legolas. Dammit.

However I smiled, knowing that soon he would get a surprise at the entrance of the mountain. Gimli and Legolas would still follow him.

Aragorn smiled fondly at me in reply before going to the direction of the opening in the mountain in long strides. I had to jog to follow him.

"Where do you think you're off to?" asked Gimli, suddenly appeared behind a tent.

"Have you learned nothing of the stubbornness of a dwarf?" said a melodious male voice that was Legolas'. He came into view with Arod trailing beside him.

"Might as well accept it. We're going with you, laddie," declared Gimli to Aragorn.

I chuckled and muttered to the ranger, "I told you so," I said with a gimmick.

Legolas and Gimli turned to look at me and their eyes widened in surprise, apparently just noticing following Aragorn from behind.

"You are not coming!" exclaimed Legolas in horror at seeing me.

"The mountain is not a place for a good young lady like you!" chided Gimli with a slightly raised tone.

I smiled and rolled my eyes at their protective behavior towards me. I found it rather endearing, yet unnecessary.

I turned to Legolas and retorted, "And you planned to go there without telling me," I snorted.

Legolas managed to look like a busted kid with a jar of cookies in his hand before his face turned blank when answering me.

"I thought you wouldn't be surprised, my love. Since you know beforehand what will take place in the future."

I laughed lightly at his smart answer. By this time Gimli only smirked through his beard. I had finally told him and the hobbits everything about the Infinity ring and the prophecy after that night with the Palantir.

Legolas' eyes turned sad and worried when he saw me laugh. I ceased laughing and smiled at him as I took his hand.

"I'll sit this one out," I comforted him and he immediately relaxed.

"I will come back for you, melleth nin," Legolas promised as he kissed my temple. He smiled handsomely as he brushed my hair, placing a strand of stray hair behind my ear.

My cheeks turned fifty shades of red when I realized Aragorn and Gimli watched our exchange intently. Legolas smirked as I cleared my throat and backed away from him a litte.

"Off you go then. Don't worry about me, I'll stay with the women and cook or something," I mumbled sarcastically through heated cheeks while Aragorn and Gimli shared an amused look.

Legolas smiled forcefully. It didn't reach his eyes. He was worried about me.

"I guess I'll stay and cuddle with Bella tonight," I added jokingly at him, and the mention of the stallion that he gave to me seemed to brighten his mood.

I hugged him and whispered to his pointy ear.

"We will meet again. Still have that coin?" I asked. He pulled away and nodded. We both smiled and I released him to hug Gimli.

"Be careful out there, okay? Take care of them," I whispered to the dwarf before pulling away. Gimli seemed to be proud at himself and he replied.

"You got it, lassie. I'll put an eye on the elf prince," he said, winking at me. "Take care of yourself and do not get into trouble while we're not around!" he exclaimed loudly. I frowned at the latter part of his words. Why did everyone seem to think that I will get into the next trouble I can get my hands on while they're away? I was not Merry or Pippin, for God's sake.

"In fact, it will be better if you don't get into any trouble with or without us," added Aragorn.

I huffed and they grinned at me. Legolas smirked in amusement as he pinched my cheek softly.

Then they were off.

I prayed to God or Eru or Valar to keep my three Ghostbusters safe and sound until we are reunited once more.

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