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Twin Magic

Yesterday, when Lady Aleria gathered the Violet Mages of the Seventh Street around the stage repurposed from the mammoth tree stump, my sister and I were late, yet eagerly welcomed into the folds of the Choosing Ceremony; so now we're worried Lady Aleria knows more about us than we thought.

Why else did she accept us so quickly, without an eye blink?

"You," Lady Aleria had said, not even making eye contact with me—I only knew she spoke to me because she gestured—before she turned to my sister and continued, "and you; won't you come with me?"

I felt beside myself.

Could she hear Nalowei's melody?

Could she hear my harmonic wavelengths, always reaching out to my twin, different from the One Harmony of the Human World, from the integral wavelengths that kept simplicity and complexity in rhythmic motion—

Did she know we had this gift?


Interdimensional Magic

As I quietly meander over my worries, I force a long bough from an ash tree through a clay bowl of water. The bowl of water is a portal—barely the width of her hand—and I'm trying to send the ash bough through it, to reconstruct its healing properties from this three-dimensional landscape, to the two-dimensional surface of the water.

I'm more a vehicle than a wizard.

So I can move energy, matter—any information that can be quantified in wavelength—between dimensions; though I need Nalowei's help to journey into higher dimensions.

Whereas, if I'm compressing something into simpler dimensions, I can do it on my own.

But when I say "I can move energy, matter," what I mean is that I've opened a conduit between myself and energy, between my consciousness and the matter around it, much larger than the channeling most people make between their perceived world, and the particle-distributed multiverse; I can open myself to possibilities, and in doing that, I make it so.

The magic is in the multiverse itself.

It's the multiverse that's the wizard.

I'm merely the vehicle the world is using to make this all happen.


The Anchor

Nalowei's shadow moves choppily around the rough, amethyst walls of our shared studios. She's in the higher dimensions right now, searching. She needs me here, as I need her there, in order to make that conduit possible. When we combine the complexity of our natures, the potential for higher dimensional travel emerges.

By opting to live together in a single room, we can convert our rent vouchers into additional supply vouchers; so not only does this cozy space serve the purpose for our interdimensionally complex twin magic, it helps us save up and spend.

We have little space, yet we've filled it with a lot of stuff, baubles and gizmos.

Each crystalline surface on the amethyst wall shifts with different lights, different angles—each of them are independently charged facets of energy—suns and moons, far and wide, light-years and space-times faraway.

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