Ch. 5 Magic is real

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Azalea, Harry, and Dudley ran out of the house and headed towards the van which will take them to the zoo. Their childhood friend, Piers Polkiss arrived at the Dursley with his parents. Petunia and Vernon spoke with the Polkiss while the children excitedly talk about their favorite animals.  

" Azalea. What animal are you excited to see?" Piers asked Azalea.

Azalea smiles at Piers.

" I am excited to see snakes because they have pretty scales and their scales remind me of the different colors of the rainbow," Azalea happily tells him. 

" Snakes are cool," Harry tells his sister. " From what I read. There are lots of venomous snakes and some that are nonvenomous," He looks at the other children. 

" Harry is a nerd," Dudley whispers to Azalea.

" Dudley be nice. Harry is my brother and your cousin," Azalea gently pulls Dudley's right ear with her left fingers.

Dudley wears a pouting expression.

" I'm sorry," Dudley apologized.

Azalea lets go of Dudley's right ear. 

Petunia walks up to the children. 

" Who is excited to go to the zoo?" She asked them.

" We are!" The children cheered.

Petunia smiles at them. 

" Piers. Be nice to the Dursley," Piers' parents waved goodbye to their only son as they head home. 

Piers waved goodbye to his parents as he enters the van and sits next to Dudley while the twins sat together.

Harry looks at Azalea. 

" Aza. Am I a nerd?" He curiously asked her.

Azalea turns to look at Harry. 

" Don't let Dudley get in your head. You are a smart young man," Azalea smiles at him.

Harry smiles back at his older sister. 

Vernon and Petunia get inside of the van. Vernon turns the van on and drives away from Privet Drive and head towards the zoo. 

A few hours later. 

Vernon enters the zoo's parking lot and parks the van not that far from the zoo. The children excitedly get out of the van and look at the zoo with an awed expression. Petunia gets out of the car and stands behind the children.

" Children. Hold your hands. I don't want you all to get lost," Petunia tells them.

" Yes, Mum/Aunt Petunia/ Mrs. Dursley," The children speaks up as they held each other hands.

Azalea held Harry and Dudley's hand as she walks with them towards the zoo. She looks forward and smiles when she sees a lot of people and families admiring the animals. 

" So many animals!" Azalea tells her brother and cousin.

Petunia smiles at the children.

" Where should we go first?" She asked them.

" Lions! Tigers! Sloths! SNAKES!" The children cheered.

Petunia blinks.

" Oh dear. Okay, Dudley since it is your birthday. You should choose the first animal that you want to see," Petunia tells her son.

Azalea, Harry, and Piers turn to look at Dudley.

" I want to see the lions, Mummy!" Dudley smiles at Petunia.

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